The World Wide Web is in transition. The .com TLDs area is saturated and several new domain extensions are hitting the web every day. On the other hand country specific domain names are trending on internet. People are choosing country specific names according to their country of residence or business.   Pakistanis are however still feel shy of going the .pk way.

We have jotted down few benefits of choosing .pk extensions that may help you in making the right and timely decision of going the .pk way;

  • The first and the foremost benefit of going .pk way is that you target Pakistani population to fetch traffic for your website. With the rapidly growing popularity of online businesses in Pakistan it could prove a timely move. To add up to your traffic from Pakistan, you can enlist your business or website in local business directories to fetch more traffic to your website.
  • Picking up .pk domain extension provides you a wide variety of domain names. You can choose one from the top level domain names with .pk extension, if no copyright issue arises. Secondly you can choose a domain name in any of the regional languages of Pakistan; Urdu, Punjabi, Baluchi, Pashto, Sindhi. The Roman alphabets make it possible for you to choose domain names from daily life exploiting the rich vocabulary of Pakistan’s regional languages, such as rozee.pk, siast.pk, chabee.pk. hafeezcenter.com.pk.
  • The choice of .pk extension saves your money and time. While .com domains are being sold at $12 for one year, .pk domain extensions are available for $20 for two years. Secondly for an internet shy nation like Pakistanis, having .pk domain extension helps you in establishing the authenticity of your online presence.