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Managed WooCommerce hosting is a specialized type of hosting service that is designed for online stores using the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress

Managed WooCommerce hosting includes pre-installed WooCommerce plugins, faster website loading speeds, automatic scaling to handle traffic spikes, and optimized server configurations to improve website performance. It offers a reliable, secure, high-performing hosting environment tailored for online stores built on WooCommerce.

With over 5000 happy clients, creativeON has always succeeded in delivering the best WordPress Hosting services throughout the country since 2001.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Finding a host that understands the need of ecommerce startups can be a very hard task. Well, other than our standard WordPress plans, we offer a special service for people who run ecommerce businesses with WordPress and WooCommerece. Unlike our standard plans, this is a managed service, so we go the extra mile to support you.

Unbeatable Features

At CreativeON, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with unbeatable features and free bonuses.

Advanced Technologies for Hosting

We use cutting-edge technologies, AMD Epyc, Xeon Cascade Lake W from Intel, Ampere® Altra, and AMD Epyc and Ryzen. Our full NVMe SSD servers offer your visitors a fast browsing experience as a leading shared web hosting provider.

Free Domain and SSL certificate

Our hosting solution includes free SSL security and free domain name registration, adding value to your investment.

Free WordPress Transfer

We offer a hassle-free website migration process from your previous web hosting provider to our platform without charging any migration fees, freeing up your time to concentrate on what's important.

Ensuring security is a top priority for us.

Our highest protection at the data center level keeps your WordPress hosting server safe and prevents attacks.

Daily Backups

Our automated backups ensure that your files are always secure, with daily and weekly backups and easy restoration at no cost. Protect your hard work and manage your website with peace of mind.

Why Choose WooCommerce Hosting From CreativeON?

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

WooCommerce is a flexible and user-friendly eCommerce plugin designed specifically for WordPress, currently the world’s most widely-used content management system (CMS). With WooCommerce, you can easily create a powerful and customizable online store without needing extensive coding knowledge. And when you pair WooCommerce with Hostinger’s reliable WordPress hosting plans, you’ll have a complete eCommerce solution that is designed to help Pakistani e-commerce businesses grow. With various features and integrations available, setting up your online store has never been easier.

Best WooCommerce Hosting Solution For your ecommerce business

On an e-commerce website, every visitor can be a potential sale. And if your site is reaching resource limits (which is not very common if you have a one size fits all hosting for a low price), is your website takes more than 2 seconds to load? If yes, we would say, “You’ve had enough of your hosting provider.” And it is time to switch to our Managed WooCommerce hosting solutions promptly. We have been working before ecommerce practically started in Pakistan. It has been for over 20 years, and we have seen tremendous growth in our country and have streamlined our business practices to accommodate this growth.

Server Technician - Shoaib Mansoor
Server Technician - Ejaz Fida

WooCommerce Optimized

Optimized for WooCommerce: We provide the best web hosting solutions for easily managing your WooCommerce store.

1-Click installation: OWith our Managed WooCommerce plan, you can install WordPress and WooCommerce simultaneously. And then keep it updated automatically whenever there is a new release.

WordPress + WooCommerce Staging tool: Staging tools are necessary for making changes to any live website, but for an e-commerce site, it is a Must have. As stats show, e-commerce websites are changed, redesigned, and updated far more frequently than normal WordPress based sites.

Blazing-Fast Performance

Faster load times can lead to better conversion and sales; it gives a higher ranking in search engines. Our Managed WooCommerce store hosting service uses LiteSpeed servers and includes the LSCWP cache plugin to help improve your website’s performance.

WordPress + WooCommerce Hosting Features

Whether you go for our WP Professional, WP Business or Cloud Startup  a few features come with every one of them.

LiteSpeed WordPress Module

Automatic WP + Woo Updates

PHP Version Control

Regular Backups

Instant Provisioning

Free SSL Certificate

24/7 Technical Support

DDoS Protection

eCommerce Optimization

User Freindly Control Panel

One-click installation

Free WooCommerce Migrations

Enhanced WooCommerce Performance

Professional Email Address

99.99% Uptime

Looking For Something Else?

So What A Managed WooCommerce Hosting Is In Reality?

Managed WooCommerce hosting is a specialized web hosting service tailored for online stores that use WooCommerce, the popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

With managed WooCommerce hosting, the hosting provider handles all the technicalities for running a WooCommerce store, such as security, performance optimization, automatic backups, updates, and more. It allows store owners to focus on managing their business and creating great products rather than worrying about the technical details of hosting a website.

Why Do You Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

Performance: creativeON managed WooCommerce hosting uses Lite Speed Web Server advanced LS caching and optimization techniques to ensure fast website loading speeds, which is crucial for improving user experience and search engine rankings.

Scalability: As your online store grows, you’ll need a hosting environment that can handle increased traffic and sales. WooCommerce hosting from creativeON offer scalable hosting plans that can easily accommodate your store’s growth.

Support: With managed WooCommerce hosting, you have access to expert support from a team of WooCommerce specialists. Support from our experts can be particularly valuable if you’re not technically savvy.

Frequently Asked Questions

WooCommerce hosting is a web hosting service optimized for online stores that use the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. It provides performance and security optimizations tailored for eCommerce, allowing store owners to focus on selling their products.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service where multiple websites share the same server resources, such as processing power, memory, and disk space. WooCommerce hosting, on the other hand, is a specialized type of hosting optimized specifically for WooCommerce-powered online stores.

There are several reasons why you might want to consider CreativeON’s managed WooCommerce hosting for your online store:

  • Performance: CreativeON’s managed WooCommerce hosting uses advanced caching and optimization techniques to ensure fast website loading speeds, which is crucial for improving user experience and search engine rankings.

  • Security: With CreativeON’s managed WooCommerce hosting, your online store is protected by robust security features such as SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and regular malware scans, helping to prevent cyber threats and keep your customers’ data safe.

  • Scalability: As your online store grows, CreativeON’s managed WooCommerce hosting offers scalable hosting plans that can easily accommodate your store’s growth, ensuring your store can handle increased traffic and sales.

  • Support: With CreativeON’s managed WooCommerce hosting, you have access to expert support from a team of WordPress and WooCommerce specialists, who can help you resolve any technical issues and keep your store running smoothly.

Overall, CreativeON’s managed WooCommerce hosting can help you create a professional, secure, and high-performing online store, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your customers.

Yes, Our hosting service includes a range of performance optimization tools, including the LiteSpeed Webserver, LS Cache, and WP Accelerate plugin for object caching. Additionally, we provide a Cloudflare CDN to further improve your website’s speed and performance. These tools work together to enhance your website’s performance, speed, and overall user experience.

To run a WooCommerce Store, you do not have to be a skilled programmer. It is designed to be used by everyone despite their level of technical knowledge.

Yes, we will migrate your website to us free of cost.

Yes. We offer WooCommerce hosted inside Pakistan on request; our listed packages are hosted in Europe/ USA, while support and management are based in Lahore, Pakistan.

You might wonder if Managed WooCommerceHosting is shared hosting or not! Let us tell you that it is different from shared hosting in service quality, speed, support, and performance. With Managed WooCommerce hosting, WP installation, management, and security come as part of the package, while in shared hosting WP installation and hardening all fall on your shoulders.. And a plus side to switching to WP Hosting is that its prices are not much higher than standard Webhosting.