Business Hosting

Our business product line is all about performance, reliability, and quick support. These packages are designed from the ground up for stability and speed. Our business hosting packs feature advanced security and email delivery and are best suited for small to mid-size businesses.

Designed for Business Class Email Services

Business Hosting delivers you high performance & high availability along with backup email servers and state of the art spam & virus filtering. You get uptime guarantee and 100% mail delivery as well. We ensure that every single email you send delivers lands in the recipient’s inbox. Our business email hosting services, combined with optional backup email servers and email archiving features, surely meet the uptime and delivery of your business needs.

Small To Mid-Size Businesses Choose CreativeON For A Better Online Presence

Developing a good online presence in your business requires a near 100% uptime, quick loading of the website, reliable and fast email delivery, regular backup of your business data, and complete support from your hosting provider. 

CreativeON’s business plans check all these boxes. We guarantee to provide 99.9% uptime throughout the year, with the limit reaching 100% in many months. We pledge to use premium hardware and less than 100 tenets rather than 500 on a regular hosting server, ensuring every site has an abundance of processing power and all the required resources. Servers hosting business plans are optimized for business-class email delivery, aiming to inbox delivery and avoid ending up in spam/junk folder. There are multiple IPs configured to send emails, and optionally you can have a dedicated IP and custom HELO message to establish the authenticity of your emails. Business websites are backed up every other day, and for critical data, you can have a backup addon enabling you to make multiple backups daily.

And lastly, we provide personalized support to our business clients on multiple channels, including email, phone, WhatsApp, online chat, and ticketing. Large business package holders can ask for dedicated account representatives as well. YOU are our priority!

Dedicated Account Representative

Here at creativeON, we aim to provide the best service to our clients. You don’t have to waste your valuable time while you try to communicate with customer support representatives or when your information is being fetched. We have a team of experienced and professional support representatives dedicated to every business account separately, 24/7. Time is money, and we help you save it!

Why Choose Business Hosting From CreativeON?

Thousands of businesses trust creativeON for their web & email hosting needs. Here are a few of the reasons why.
20+ Years Experience

creativeON is one of the oldest web hosting providers in Pakistan and has been managing servers since 2001. Whether you are a hosting provider, a business startup running an app on a server, a software house, a shopping store, or a corporate business, you will be equally benefited from our professional team’s knowledge and experience around o clock.

Media Houses, Govt And Corporate

We are proudly offering our services to 1000s of top businesses, including large media houses (city 42, ARY, QTV), banks (MCB Islamic bank, SME, Telenor Microfinance), government departments, multinationals (Daewoo, Universal Insurance, Asia Insurance, NRSP Microfinance), different organizations and education sector.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security are our top priority, and we will always support the rights of both consumers and individuals. We also support the mission to keep the internet open, free and safe for all users. Start your online presence with our lowest-priced web hosting plan, and we will keep it up so that you can focus on your other business activities.

Do You Have any Custom Requirements?

Every business has specific requirements, and we are here to facilitate you by delivering a suitable server machine with all the necessary things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business hosting provides services to organizations and businesses to make their website accessible online. It offers a shared environment, but the quality of service, uptime, support, hardware, etc., is for businesses rather than individuals.

Business packages are hosted on servers that are dedicated to the business clients, and it differs from Standard Shared Hosting Packages as they have:

  • Fewer domains per server
  • Servers are optimized for email delivery
  • A dedicated IP is available as add-ons to send emails and host your site with more authenticity
  • More resources per domain
  • Dedicated account representative

Yes, we can upgrade your account and migrate your data to a business server without downtime in less than an hour.