Managed Cloud Hosting service in Pakistan

Welcome to our managed cloud hosting service in Pakistan, which gives you all the benefits of a dedicated server or VPS minus management overhead. With this new line of offerings, you can take advantage of high-end processing, high-performance NVMe SSD storage, and a dedicated IP address without breaking the bank.

Join us for a hassle-free, high-performance hosting experience at an affordable price.

Cloud Hosting Packages

Unbeatable Features & Free Bonuses

At CreativeON, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with unbeatable features and free bonuses.

Daily backups

With daily free backups of important business data, you can enjoy peace of mind for your website and information security. If you are running a business application where data is changed more frequently, frequent website or database backups

Free Domain and SSL certificate

Our hosting solution includes free SSL security and free domain name registration, adding value to your investment.

4 x More Speed

Improve your website's loading time and enhance user experience with our dedicated resources, including high-speed CPUs, ample RAM, and strategically placed cloud server systems.

Free security Audits

We will check your website for viruses, malware, trojan horses, or any possible intrusion.

Cut Your Costs in Half

Get the VPS benefits without the management overhead. Enjoy high-end processing, NVMe SSD storage, dedicated IP, fully Managed and Daily Backups at an affordable price with our Cloud Hosting.

Do You Have any Custom Requirements?

Every business has specific requirements, and we are here to facilitate you by delivering a suitable server machine with all the necessary things.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed cloud hosting offers a hassle-free experience for all your hosting needs. With our services, you can take advantage of lightning-fast speeds and high performance SSD storage, along with a dedicated IP address. Whether you’re a seasoned tech expert or just starting out, you’ll find our hosting solution easy to use and manage, with no technical knowledge required.

Enjoy peace of mind with our near-perfect server uptime and 24/7 monitoring. Say goodbye to website downtime and hello to a seamless, high-performance hosting experience.

Dedicated Account Representative

Here at creativeON, we aim to provide the best service to our clients. You don’t have to waste your valuable time while you try to communicate with customer support representatives or when your information is being fetched. We have a team of experienced and professional support representatives dedicated to every business account separately, 24/7. Time is money, and we help you save it!

Cloud Hosting Features

Whether you go for our Startup, Professional or Business, few features come with every one of them.

24/7 Expert Support

Expert support with managed cloud-based web hosting services, our expert team takes care of your website, so you do not have to go for web developers. We will manage your wordpress, backups, and emails. Suggest solutions to ongoing problems that your website might have. That is why we call it managed.

Enhanced Performance

Our managed cloud hosting with dedicated resources is designed to take your website’s Performance to the next level. With a dedicated IP address and high-performance NVMe SSD storage, your website will perform up to 4 times faster.

Instant Setup

Instant Setups and Free Website Transfers Our cloud hosting services are easy to set up, with no delays or complicated processes. We will transfer your website from VPS or your existing hosting provider at no cost.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use Our team takes care of server uptime, maintenance, monitoring, and support 24/7, so you can sit back and relax while we manage your cloud hosting needs.

Reliable Uptime

Reliable Uptime Our cloud server hosting services guarantee 99.9% uptime, with the near-perfect server uptime and 24/7 monitoring to ensure your website is always up and running.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection Our data center-level protection keeps your cloud server safe and prevents attacks, giving you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud hosting uses the power and reliability of a virtual private server (VPS) alongside the simplicity of a shared hosting service. Unlike regular hosting, a network of servers of the cloud-hosted solution is responsible for the accessibility of the websites and applications.
With cloud server hosting services, you get dedicated resources to grow your projects without limitations – we take care of all the technical stuff.
Cloud hosting is the perfect solution for small and large businesses looking to improve the speed of their online projects and the end-user experience.

Easy-to-use: manage your server like a real professional with Cpanel control panel.

Dedicated resources: get a dedicated IP address alongside guaranteed high-performance SSD storage for your website.

Fully Managed: sit back and relax. Managed cloud hosting means we take care of server uptime, maintenance, monitoring, and your queries 24/7.

Bonus features: enjoy the free SSL security, free domain name registration, and free CDN included in our cloud hosting options.

The main difference between the two hosting types is that a cloud hosting provider grants you dedicated resources and a dedicated IPv6 address. Meanwhile, shared hosting requires the user to share resources with others on a single server.

Yes, we can upgrade your account and migrate your data to a business server without downtime in less than an hour.

If your website is hosted by another provider and requires a better plan, you can always upgrade to a cloud hosting plan through our free migration service, and your website will run much faster. Try it and see for yourself!

At CreativeON, we provide a dedicated account representative for every business account, available 24/7. You’ll have a single point of contact for all your support needs, saving you time and hassle. Our experienced and professional representative is committed to providing exceptional service and prompt support.