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Verisign/ Symantec SSL Certificates

creativeON provides instant VeriSign/ Symantec SSL to provide you with the SSL certificates the in minimum possible time frame.

SSL Certificate Yearly 2 Years 3 Years Order Now Details
Symantec Secure Site Rs.59620 Rs.107280 Rs.143140
Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV Rs.224010 Rs.403180 Rs.537680
Symantec Secure Site with EV Rs.148620 Rs.267680 Rs.356850
Symantec Secure Site Pro Rs.148620 Rs.267680 Rs.356850
Symantec Code Signing Certificate Rs.77880 Rs.140150 Rs.186980
Symantec Safe Site Rs.44670 Rs.80370 Rs.107280
Symantec Secure Site Wildcard Rs.315340 Rs.567570 Rs.756870
Symantec Secure Site Pro Wildcard Rs.826120 Rs.1487010 Rs.1982680
Symantec Secure Site Multi-Domain Wildcard Rs.365160 Rs.657240 Rs.876430
Symantec Secure Site Pro Multi-Domain Wildcard Rs.879920 Rs.1583820 Rs.2111870
Symantec Secure Site Pro SHA-1 Private Rs.265520 Rs.477910 Rs.637320

The 10 significant points to consider about Symantec SSL

Get your online business authenticated and encrypted with VeriSign SSL Certificates in Pakistan.
When SSL Certificate is needed? VeriSign, a trusted name. Customers know it Get the perfect VeriSign for your Business Generate the clicks from search engines with VeriSign Trust™ SealVeriSign, the trustworthy secured choice for e-commerce The importance of authentication What is Phishing and how to make protection from it?

Extended Validation brings back trust Get protected with VeriSign’s daily SSL malware scanning Get your online business authenticated and encrypted with VeriSign SSL Certificates By using the VeriSign SSL certificates, you can encrypt and authenticate your online business.

With the use of VeriSign SSL Certificates, VeriSign Trust™ Seal, VeriSign® Seal-in-Search™, Extended Validation and VeriSign’s daily malware scanning – this all let your customers consider that the website they are making the business with is safe and authenticated. These certificates fully help to enhance the performance of your online business with:

  • Some of the discarded shopping cart
  • Huge traffic and more click through rate
  • Big number of accomplished transactions

When SSL Certificate is needed?

This certificate becomes your prime need when you:

  • Set up a store online or start accepting the orders and credit cards online
  • Make the offers of login or sign in on your website
  • Administer the sensitive information on your website like postal address, identification numbers, license or birth dates.
  • Have to adhere to the requirements of security and privacy.
  • Give worth to privacy and in unison expect your customers/visitors to show trust on you.

VeriSign, a trusted name. Customers know it

The VeriSign SSL Certificate in Pakistan gives surety to the shoppers that the website they are making shopping on is equally secured and trusted. The VeriSign Seal has emerged as the most famous and trustworthy mark over the web since it is viewed more than 250 million times daily on more than 90,000 websites in 160 countries of the world.

The website that carries the VeriSign Seal, the customers get more confident in making business and online transactions with you. Seeing the VeriSign Trust Seal on your website, the online shoppers expand their trust on your website because:

  • Your website is fully secured with the most trusted VeriSign SSL seal issued by the most prominent certificate authority of the world.
  • VeriSign has inspected at its end the complete identity of the website (business) and its right to use the domain name of the website.
  • The website has succeeded in passing the daily malware scanning.

Get the perfect VeriSign for your Business

With VeriSign, customers are offered four levels of the enhancing security features. Thus you may ask our expert advice for the best level for your business needs.

Generate the clicks from search engines with VeriSign Trust™ Seal

To do the marketing of any business online, search happens to be the most significant and beneficial tool for the same. Potential customers arrive at the most popular search engines of the world, shopping sites and review sites to search for their desired goods and services. Thus the online retailers invest mammoth amount of time and money to get the good rankings and earn the click rate.

The VeriSign Secured® Seal depicts that a website is fully secured by the premium SSL service and it is completely authenticated by the high standards of VeriSign. It is also to be noted that the VeriSign Trust Seal consists more information in more places. The latest development is that now the VeriSign seal emerges next to your website’s link in search results. VeriSign Seal showing with your link in search results fully helps you to stand out in search results.

VeriSign, the trustworthy secured choice for e-commerce

To get your e-commerce website fully secured, VeriSign Secure Site Pro with EV (extended validation) appears to be the highly trustworthy and secured choice. EV shows the green dress bar in the browsers and then flaunts the VeriSign as the certificate issuance authority.

With True 128-bit SSL Encryption, it lets the visitor of your site to experience the most powerful SSL encryption.

The importance of authentication

The importance of authentication is king size since there exist endless amount of scam artists and fraudsters who extract the advantage of the Internet to collect personal information by showing them being the trustfully secured web site. VeriSign SSL makes the combination with encryption so as to your information can be protected while transmission.

It also shows the website owner’s right to use the domain. Seeing the VeriSign Trust Seal on the site, the visitors get assured of the authenticity of the website and organization.

What is Phishing and how to make protection from it?

Phishing happens to be the practice of the fraudulent website and it aptly imitate the authenticated website for the clear purpose of obtaining the credit card numbers, identities, or other private details of the customers.

Normally it is witnessed that the phishing or any kind of fraudulent websites appear to be just like the original authenticated ones. The question now hits the mind, as to how it can be distinguished that whether a website is authenticated or phishing? To do so, the visitors might go for looking for the subtle signs like the requests for the username an passwords.

Phishing websites often get the visitors afraid of the submission of their usernames and passwords. An authenticated website never ever scares the visitor to provide this information.

Extended Validation brings back trust

With EV (extended validation) SSL Certificate, the customer on your website become more confident that the website is fully trusted and secured and the transaction to be done on it is safer. With this certificate, the high security web browsers start displaying your company’s name in a green address bar and also begin displaying the name of the certificate issuing authority like in this case as ‘VeriSign’. This certificate provides utter security that the phishers and counterfeiters cannot hijack your brand and clients at all.

Get protected with VeriSign’s daily SSL malware scanning

Hackers take advantage of the weakness of security on your server to obtain the access to your site and once they have the access, they have the control, so they install the malicious code. Then the hackers spread viruses through your website.

They hijack computers, steal the personal details like credit card information through your website. This certificate is quite powerful that it knows the security of your website which is why it scans the website on daily basis. This certainly helps a lot mitigating the risk factor of getting attacked. Besides it also helps to avoid being blacklisted by the search engines. It also protects your customers’ computers of getting infected the moment they browse the pages of your site.