Register .PK Domains for Less

Domains ending with PK cost less than COM. Unlike .com, Many good PK names are still available, which is ideal for a Pakistan-based business.

PKNIC Prepaid Card

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1x PKNIC Prepaid Card Rs.2500
2x PKNIC Prepaid Cards Rs.5000
3x PKNIC Prepaid Cards Rs.7500
4x PKNIC Prepaid Cards Rs.10000
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creativeON is proud to offer pk website name registration as an authorized company from PKNIC. As a gold partner with 1000s of PK Pakistani domains under its management, we will help you choose and manage the “” domain. creativeON can also assist you in transferring your pk name to your name at no cost.

You can register a .PK name under our management, or If you are familiar with the domain name registration process, you can buy a PKNIC Prepaid cards from us, and register your domain.

If you are registering multiple domains, you can avail yourself of discounts on PKNIC registration cards. You can buy a prepaid card from creativeON through bank despite, cash, money order, easy paisa and credit card, or Paypal.

creativeON can also assist you in transferring your pk domain to your name/ ownership at no cost.

If you have a business that requires you to show “.pk” at the end of the web address to depict that you are Pakistan-based, we can assist you in having a .pk domain. 

You can register a PK domain as a second-level ( or a third-level domain (

Second-Level PK Domains

Your domain name is at the second level after pk. Second-level domain names do not include com, net, or org. Example:

Third-Level PK Domain

The domain name comes on the third-level domain after pk., for example, The following domain extensions are available for 3rd-level PK domains.

domains for government of pakistan

The domain name comes on the third-level domain after pk., for example, The following domain extensions are available for 3rd-level PK domains.

Special purpose PK Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

One can check availability for the dot PK domain name on this page or the PKNIC website. Using this page, you can check all PK extensions (,,, and others) in a single go. You can also use the Whois look tool on the PKNIC website’s homepage to check the availability, one extension at a time.

No, domain names, once registered, can’t be edited or renamed. None of the domain names (even standard .com, net, or any others) can not be changed after registration.

The client’s name, email ID, phone number, and address are required for dot PK registration. But in the case of governmental domain names ( and domains for educational institutes (, additional documents are required accordingly. Click for more information on registering the domain.

After your order is confirmed, we proceed with registering your pk domain; preliminary registration is complete almost instantly. It means that the name is reserved for you only if the name you have chosen does not violate the rules. (If it does, PKNIC authorities will cancel the registration afterward.) But it may take 24-48 hours (sometimes earlier) before you can start using your domain. It is the time usually taken for name server propagation.

All Pakistani domains (.pk,,,,, etc.) domains, in reality, are cheaper than standard dot COM domains.

 All the .pk name extensions are registered for a minimum of two years, whereas a dot COM’s minimum registration period is one year.

The one-year cost of dot PK is 1250, 40% less than standard COM sold for approximately 1800/yr. Furthermore, the dot PK domain is entirely free for all government institutions.

If the registrant’s address is not from Pakistan, then standard dot PK prices do not apply. Infect a 48$ USD price applies. It is PKNIC policy.

A domain name ending with .pk can be registered as a second-level ( or a third-level domain (


For second-level PK domain names, at least four letters are required.

For third-level pk domains, at least two letters are required.

Details of the PKNIC registration policy are listed here.

All dot PK names are registered for a two-year term, except for government ( or provisional government domains (,,,, that are registered for a one-year term.