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Register PK Domains for Less

Domains ending with PK cost less than COM. Unlike .com, Many good PK names are still available, which is ideal for a Pakistan-based business.

PK Domain Registration Through Prepaid Cards

One can use PKNIC prepaid cards to register new or renew PK domain names under his account. These are virtual cards with a number and pin. Which we will send you through email. You can use your card number/pin to add “domain balance” to your account with PKNIC. This domain balance can be used to register or renew existing domains.
Use PKNIC cards (domain balance) to

SSL Certificate Monthly Order Now Details
1x PKNIC Prepaid Card Rs.3300
2x PKNIC Prepaid Cards Rs.6600
3x PKNIC Prepaid Cards Rs.9900
4x PKNIC Prepaid Cards Rs.13200
Bundle - 05x PKNIC Cards (5% Discount) Rs.15675
Bundle - 10x PKNIC Cards (10% Discount) Rs.29700
Bundle - 20x PKNIC Cards (10% Discount) Rs.59400

Pakistan Business and PK Domains

This digital era is ruled by technology, and online shopping has become very popular. It’s happening in Pakistan too. We can now use our phones to order food, get a ride, and do many other things. Even though we’re less advanced than other countries, we’ve still made progress in online shopping. Every Pakistani business needs to have an online presence to succeed in the long run.

Starting an online business takes some work. You’ll need to register a PK domain name and do digital marketing for your business. If you want to target people in Pakistan, consider registering a domain name with PK at the end of it.

According to Google, it will rank PK better than international domains for people looking for services or products from Pakistan. And same is true for other search engines.

If you have a business in Pakistan and you want people to know about it, Get a website address that ends with PK

You can register a PK domain as "" or as ""

Special Purpose PK Extensions

Second-Level PK Domains

Your domain name is at the second level after pk. Second-level domain names do not include com, net, or org. Example: “”
examples of some popular domains in Pakistan are:,,  and

Domains for the Government Of Pakistan

Third-Level PK Domain

The domain name comes on the third-level domain after pk., for example, The following domain extensions are available for 3rd-level PK domains.

CreativeON is Pakistan’s top provider for Pakistani domains (PK, COM.PK, etc.). Depending on your niche and needs, we have many great domain name suggestions and help you choose a domain that can perform best for your business. After registering your pk domain, you can use our reliable hosting plans, web development, and digital marking services to help you share your business’s true identity.

creativeON is proud to offer pk website name registration as an authorized company from PKNIC. As a gold partner with 1000s of PK Pakistani domains under its management, we will help you choose and manage the “” domain. creativeON can also assist you in transferring your pk domain to our mangement at no cost.

  • You can register a PK name under our management, or If you are familiar with the domain name registration process, you can buy a PKNIC Prepaid card from us and register your domain.
  • If you are registering multiple domains, you can avail yourself of discounts on PKNIC registration cards. You can buy a prepaid card from creativeON through bank despite, cash, money order, easy paisa, credit card, or Paypal.
  • creativeON can also assist you in transferring your pk domain to your name/ ownership at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

To check the availability of the dot PK domain name (Websites names ending with PK), you can use the search at the top of this page or the PKNIC website.
If you use this page, you can check all PK extensions (“”, “”, “”, and others) in a single go. Please use only the domain name you want to search without an extension.
You can also use the Whois lookup tool on the PKNIC website’s homepage. On the PKNIC page, you will need to enter domain extensions while checking the domain, as PKNIC checks one extension at a time.

Once you register a domain name, it is locked and cannot be changed. If you make a spelling mistake, you must register a new domain and pay the fees again.
No domain names (even standard .com, net, or others) can be changed after registration.

Your name, email address, phone number, and postal address are required for dot PK registration.
If you want to register a government or educational domain name, PKNIC needs additional documents. Click here for more information on registering the “” domain.
After I register a domain, how long will it take for my website to get online?
After confirming your order, we will proceed with registering your pk domain. The preliminary registration is complete almost instantly. It means that the name is reserved for you if it does not violate the rules. If the registered domain violates PKNIC guidelines, it will be canceled.
But it may take up to 24-48 hours before you can start using your domain. It is the time usually taken for name server propagation.

The answer is no. PK domains in Pakistan are more affordable than standard COM domains. They might appear pricier because they must be registered for a minimum of two years.
For a one-year registration, PK domains cost 1300, which is 40% less expensive compared to the standard COM domain sold for about 1800 per year. Additionally, it’s important to note that PK domains are free to all government institutions.

If you live outside of Pakistan, the regular PK prices (2600 PKR) do not apply to you. Instead, you have to pay 48 dollars in US currency. This is because PKNIC promotes and subsidizes Pakistanis who want to use the PK namespace.

Yes, you can! You can get a website address that ends with .pk, and it can be either “” or “”
If you want your website address to end with .pk and only be “”, it must have at least four letters.
And, if you want your website address to be “”, it must have at least two letters.
If you want to learn more about the rules for getting a PK website address, you can check out the PKNIC registration policy.