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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the cryptographic protocol which is liable for providing the communication security over the web. The segments of network connections are encrypted above the Transport Layer by SSL with the use of asymmetric cryptography.

Various versions of SSL certificates are being used widely in numerous applications like web browsing, E-mail, Internet Faxing, IM (Instant Messaging) and VoIP (Voice over IP).

SSL Certificate is like a small data file which connects a cryptographic key to a company’s details in a digital way. Upon its installation on the web server, the padlock and https get activated making the secured connection from the web server to the web browser. The SSL certificates are normally used for securing the credit card transactions, transferring of data, generating logins and for securing the social media websites. SSL Certificates bind together:
The domain names, server names or hostnames and the identification of the organization (company name) and location.

The businesses always find the need to install the SSL Certificates onto their web servers to begin the secured sessions with web browsers. SSL Certificates are of various types and the organizations buy the type as per their requirements and demands. When installed, the secure connection is established from server to the browser. Upon the establishment of the secured connection, the web traffic between the server and the browser gets secured. The web browsers then automatically begin letting the visitors know that the website is SSL secured through various visual signs.

About the online security, people have become smarter now. Today, the visitors look for the padlock icon, the “https” prefix and a green address bar in the web browsers to know whether the website is secured before submitting the personal details on the website. If the website does not have the SSL Certificate, they visitors are more likely to leave the website and may not go for making any purchase or creation of an account or signing up for the newsletters.

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