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Dedicated Servers Hosted in Pakistan

We offer Dedicated Server in Pakistan, so you can accelerate your reach to Pakistani cyberspace

SrIDNameGroupMonthly3 Months6 MonthsYearly2 Years3 Years
1769Pak-Server-1Pakistani ServersRs.43250 N/ARs.225000 Rs.450000 N/AN/A
2770Pak-Server-2Pakistani ServersRs.50625 N/ARs.303750 Rs.607500 N/AN/A
3771Pak-Server-3Pakistani ServersRs.64500 N/ARs.435000 Rs.870000 N/AN/A
4787Pak-Server-4Pakistani ServersRs.84625 N/ARs.473750 Rs.907500 N/AN/A

With creativeON, whether you go for managed or bare metal, you have the processing power, storage, and efficiency with cost-effectiveness. We offer Dedicated servers and VPS in 3 cities, Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. When you choose from in-stock servers, you get a dedicated server in Pakistan delivered within 8 hours. Our Pakistani dedicated servers are scaleable for RAM and Storage Space.

Considering that every setup is different, we can build a server to your requirements, fill in the custom server requirement form here; please select “dedicated server pakistan” from the drop-down.

Need our experts to manage your server?

creativeON Servers Admins got your servers covered!

Our experienced server administrators are available 24×7 via email, WhatsApp, live chat, and ticketing to resolve any of your server issues. Plus, while we manage your servers, our proactive maintenance support and monitoring ensure high uptimes. You can focus on your business while we manage your server’s health.

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Get Your Custom Dedicated Hosting Plan

Every business has different requirements and we are here to facilitate you by offering a suitable machine.

Why is creativeON the best option for Hosting Dedicated Servers in Pakistan?

Regarding providing Pakistani dedicated servers, there is a difference between creativeON’s dedicated server and Dedicated Server from XYZ! We help you to make the most of your servers in Pakistan. Our low-cost server plans include monitoring and free basic management (with cPanel).

If your target is to reach Pakistani customers with low latency servers, we offer competitive prices, Quick delivery, excellent support with practicle, and precise responses. Our all-inclusive management guarantees smooth, hassle-free operations.