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We’re in the Business of hosting Businesses.

Since creativeON began in 2001, we’ve been on a mission to help startups, web developers, small and medium size businesses, and big corporate to run their online

Money back grantee

Peace of mind, 2 full weeks for money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with our services, support you can get your money back on a single support ticket or phone call.

Host in Top tier Multiple DataCenter

Being the leading company in the hosting fraternity, CreativeON teams up with a number of giants in the trade. We are associated with the two top notch datacenters from America to offer our clients the lucrative hosting services to avail.

The servers, which are in use of CreativeON, are configured with the IPMI 2.0 technology to offer secure plus remote management that enables us to administer the servers right from our desktop area.

Geographical Diversity: Having fully-featured datacenters in Seattle, Dallas, and Washington D.C., SoftLayer offers the geographic variety which appears to be much beneficial to maintain the system and the data redundancy in addition to place the systems into the optimal physical position for the volume of traffic and speed.

The Top most and Redundant Infrastructure: The entire SoftLayer datacenters nurture numerous power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators, and battery backup. They assure you of the hugest performance and trustability.

Blazing fast servers

creativeON always uses branded server and all hardware to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

We guarantee that all our servers will meet following minimum requirement.

  • Enterprise-Grade Servers from DELL
  • Powerful Dual processor dual core/ or Quad core CPUs
  • Minimum of 16MB ECC Registered DDR2 Dual Channel System RAM
  • Hardware RAID Disk Controllers.
  • IPMI cards (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) for hardware event monitoring
  • Dual network interface cards, load balanced network traffic
  • Remote reboot functionality, this enables us to reboot the servers remotely when required.

Here are the exact specifications of one of the server that we use.

BrandDell – Dual socket dempsy/woodcrest/cloverton
  2.0 GHz 1333FSB – Harpertown – 4 Core X 2
Drive Controller10G Drive Controller – SAS/SATA RAID
OS DrivesSeagate – 73GB:SAS:15K x 2
Data DrivesSeagate – 300GB:SAS:10K Cheetah T10 x 8 (2100 GB Storages in Raid-5 configuration)
RAM4096 MB x 8 (32 GB Ram)
Network1000Mbps x 2 network cards linked to separate switches
Power SupplyRedundant power suplies Dell 2900

Choice of OS

Unlike most of the hosts, we offer plans on Windows or Linux with out any price difference at all.

1 Gbps up links

All the creativeON servers are on 1GB uplinks. High capacity uplink means no network congestions for traffic spikes and peak timings.


We backup the complete server as whole and also individual accounts*. Additionally customers have the option to schedule the backs from their control panels. Customers can schedule backups either to an offsite location through ftp or they can make backups in their own accounts. This gives the customer 3 tier securities for their data.

CDP incremental backups*

Continuous data protection or CDP is a also know n as real-time backup or continuous data backup. The terms refers to backing up data by automatically saving a copy of every change made to it. This enable administrators to do data restores at any point in time.

It captures the changes to data to a seprate storage on same machine or ideally to a remote machine. There are multiple techniques for capturing continues data changes that cater for different scenerios. CDP based solutions can provide

Local pricing

“Satisfied customers are the valuable assets for us that is why we here at CreativeON always try to provide them the contentment, they need. Galloping with these efforts of us, we offer our services in Pak Rupees and with this service; we stand tall in the market because all other companies offer the services in USD.

Business in USD while being in Pakistan is not vender-friendly since the conversion rate keeps on changing and this certainly affects. Above all, when the time of renewal arrives, you are unaware of the charges you are to pay whereas in Pak Rupees, you know what you have to pay upon renewal of the package.”