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Website Viruses

Website Viruses

Beware of Website Viruses:

It is understood and many of the computer users are well aware of the fact that the computer may affect badly if the proper antivirus software is not installed. But hardly any know about the fact that the websites too can be affected by the viruses. The same manner you computer can get affected by the viruses, the web servers too can go in the same way. The below mentioned informational would be much beneficial for you if you happen to be much serious about your website. The below information tells how the viruses spread to websites and how they affect the websites?

Virus Infection to Websites:

There exist a number of ways which can affect the websites with viruses – but all require the hacker’s access to the web server. Although it seems this might happen rarely but in actual it is much common in today’s web rapid web scene. The most important thing is that the hacker does not have to go for doing the manual things to hack a website since there are softwares which do this work. The hacker begins with downloading a software (a virus software), once it is installed on a computer of the website owner (as hackers get them installed with various ways, so be cautious before downloading any software), the hacker has access then as the virus then starts logging all of the keystrokes which are typed on the keyboard. By the time, the web hosting panel is logged; the logging information is passed on to the hacker.

The Spread of Website Viruses:

When the hacker achieves the access to your web hosting account, he/she is utterly free then to install the malicious scripts on your web server, which can be much beneficial to monitor your traffic sources, redirect your traffic, change the site’s content and destroy your site’s visitors. Within shared hosting packages, the viruses happen to be more common since the single web server might be shared to thousands of websites. The virus is easily spreadable to website to website within the web server. If this exists, the web hosting companies have to take the instant initiative to remove it.

How Do the Viruses Affect a Website?

If your website has a virus, then it means your online business might get affected a lot and it eventually brings you a bigger loss in traffic. Many of the Internet users have the anti-virus software installed on your computers thus whenever they stumble upon any website containing virus, they are warned. If your website is infected with virus, the visitors would be warned not to enter into the site. This way, you loss the traffic. If the visitors do not have the antivirus installed on their system, nonetheless they would be warned by the search engines not to enter this site. Thus in a capsule, you loss the traffic.

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