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Tips To Avoid Domain Hijacking And Hacking

Tips to Avoid Domain Hijacking and Hacking

This is often seen that when someone registers a domain starts considering that the domain is safe and secure. Majority of the people do not realize the fact that domain hijacking is common and happens. This is increasing day by day and the noticeable thing is that the hackers do not have to access the web server to hijack the domain.

The hijacking of a domain does not require you to be apt in the knowledge or art of hijacking. It can be done with a little effort. There exist a number of ways to hijack a domain like Trojan viruses, illegitimately acquiring login information and using the software to hack the account so as to be configured the ownership. The moment the hackers have the access to the website’s server’s control panel, the chaos and pains start oozing out for the website owners.

The truth is that the hijacking of a domain does not require through knowledge and the hackers can easily access the authorized account, as mentioned above.

The question is as to how one would know that the domain is hijacked? Well, the hijackers need to access two basic things – registrar’s name and the administrative e-mail address for the domain.

Once they have the access to these two items, they can easily hijack the domain without any kind of knowledge of the authorized owner. Thus the website owners have to keep checking this information time and again. And this is available for public viewing on the website The website owners can go fetching a private domain registration to thwart the hacking attempt because when the hackers check the information on whois, they can then easily attack for the hacking.

Through the private domain registration, the website owners have the opportunity to hide the important details like personal details and the administrative e-mail address. Thus when a potential hacker goes and checks the details on, he finds nothing there since you have opted to hide the details from public viewing. Thus it is highly recommended that the website owners have to take the pre-cautions and security measures to avoid the hacking and hijacking of the websites.

Besides the website owners have to inquire about the respective registrar’s security policy. Ask about the domain locking options since many of the registrars provide the feature to prevent the unauthorized security breaches.

In addition to the suggestions above, a website owner also has to check the trust-worthy web hosting provider. Go for trustworthy name always no matter if they charge higher because saving some bucks sometimes costs you higher in damages. CreativeON ( is the trustworthy that always provides the secured hosting where the hijackers can do nothing. The customers are rest assured always.

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