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Taking Back Up Of Website Is Much Important

Taking Back Up of Website is Much Important, Learn How to Take It?

cPanel is what through which you manage all of your website thoroughly. Thus commanding over it is necessary and you must know all about the cPanel and its benefits. cPanel happens to be one of the most famous hosting control panels that is why it is used by the majority of the web hosting companies in the world. The main reason behind the popularity is its ease of use and managing the hosting package with conviction.

Taking the back up of the website is the most essential thing. Taking the back up of the website appears to be the most important thing since it makes the protection of your website. It helps you out if the hosting server crashes. Since you have the back up in hand, you are able to take your website back on track. Thus it is recommended to take the back up regularly.

Why Backup is Essential?

It does not matter if your website is quite old or is new. You have to take the back up on regular basis. Since the websites take huge time, you have to be assured to take the back up of your websites regularly.

How to Get Logged Into cPanel?

First you have to log into cPanel account by visiting the cPanel URL provided by the web hosting company. By opening this page, you are required to enter the username and password to log in. This information is provided you by the web hosting company at the time of registration of the web hosting. In case, if you loss the login details, you are required to ask for the same from the hosting company. They will quickly e-mail you the details. Once you put the login information, a new window appears with plethora of icons.

How to Take the Back Up?

Starting with the back-up process is easier. Select the back-up icon from the maintenance section of the cPanel. When you click on the icon, a new window will emerge. Enter your e-mail address and click the button “Generate Backup File”. Be cautious not to navigate to a new screen while the backup file gets generated on the web server.

Once the backup is complete, you will be alerted through an email notification. Then you have to click the link on the site so as to download the backup file on your computer.

It is important to store all of these backup files on your computer. It is recommended to have at least three previous backup files on hand so that if you encounter any problem, you have back-up on your hands.

How to Restore Back Up?

Restoring back up is not difficult at all rather it is much easy. This is also performed through cPanel. To restore, you have to simply follow the process mentioned on the cPanel.

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