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Cloudflare for security and speed

Cloudflare for Security and Speed

The Cloudflare community enjoys protection and speed through an intelligent global network. The delivery of your web pages is optimized with the minimum possible page load time. The Cloudflare community is protected against every kind of threat, abusive bots, and crawlers to save your bandwidth and server resources. As resultantly the CloudFlare community stands alone, having significantly improved performance and decreased spam.
With CloudFlare’s faster and smarter system, we are bent on powering and protecting the whole internet.
With its core service as free, CloudFlare can be used by any website, at one’s own domain, made on any platform. It takes less than five minutes to complete the Cloudflare setup on most of the websites. The only change you make is in the DNS settings of your domain. Setting up Cloudflare does not need any hardware or software installation. You are not required to make any changes to the current code of your website. Above all, if you ever feel unsatisfied with CloudFlare, you can turn it off. Cloudflare provides paid services such as real-time reporting and SSL to websites that need extra features.
Be a part of the Cloudflare community today and play your role in creating a better web.

Cloudflare Features

CDN (Content  Delivery Network):

Cloudflare content delivery network is a legacy network designed to process millions of requests per second utilizing the most strategic points on the internet-edge nodes. Resultantly the CloudFlare community gets the fastest page load time and best performance. Get global visibility at affordable prices.

Web Content Optimization:

Cloudflare believes performance does not mean moving files closer to visitors but also that every page is served to the user as efficiently and fast as it could be. Choose any of the Cloudflare web content optimization features to experience the next level of performance.


Cloudflare takes pride in providing next-level web security to its community. Cloudflare provides security against online threats, spam, bot crawling, and much more, including SQL injections and denial of service (DOS) attacks.


Cloudflare analytics takes you one step ahead of other analytic programs. It provides visitor analytics and monitors the threats and search engine crawlers. Provides the best analysis of the website’s traffic.

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