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Reasons for Choosing SSD Hosting

When it comes about hosting your business website, you almost ignore to consider what type of hardware your hosting company is offering. If I am saying right then you are probably doing wrong. This wrong action can lead you to a serious business mistake. Hard drive is something you have to consider the most, regarding hosting.

 Even if “cost effectiveness” is your only criteria for selection of hosting, that’s not problem.
CreativeOn is there to help you. Actual point of botheration is selection of hosting company that offers cheapest hardware. This is going to spoil rest of your business efforts. You have to make serious compromises regarding speed, downtime and much more to disturb you and displease your customer.

Anyhow, no worries, this is something CreativeOn has way out for.  We put forward best solution for issues regarding traditional storage media. CreativeOn offers Solid State Drive or SSD Hosting which is an alternative to the prior and the most advanced technology these days. CreativeOn uses SSD hosting on all its servers. Why is SSD hosting important for you? Details are there for you.

Comparing SSD With Traditional Hard Drives

Traditional hard drives are actually the same “spinning disks” that came into sight in 1960’s for the first time. Apart from modifications and enhancements made later, their base is just the same. These disks have magnetic spinning data platter along with a data arm.  This arm serves the purpose of reading and writing the data to the drive. As mentioned earlier, enhancements to these drives have been made leading to an increase in speed and capacity. Now a 3.5-inch hard drive can store data up to 8TB. This huge storage is quite extraordinary and is perfect for your system, data density and backup.

 However, when it comes to hosting this huge space and high volume backup only benefits your business company and not you. This is because hosts are more convinced to have more and more customers and data through these disks. This causes your website to be packed in a rigid space.

Spinning disks are usually in three main variations:

  • 2K SATA (SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)
  • 10K SAS (SAS = Serial Attached SCSI)
  • 15K SAS

The letter ‘K’ represents the speed in thousands with which disks rotate per minute. Here faster spinning is related to better performance but less capacity. This leads to 7.2K SATA with higher capacity but slow performance. Performance of hard drives is measured through Inputs Outputs per Second or IOPS in short.

  • 2K SATA: +/- 80 IOPS
  • 10K SAS: +/- 120 IOPS
  • 15K IOPS: +/- 180 IOPS

It is the speed with which drives can read data from and write on the disks. These disks are mechanical whereas SSD’s are purely electronic. Due to the same of this SSD’s are really fast. And CreativeOn is ready to give you experience this fastness with ease and affordability.

1. Noticeably Enhanced Ratings

It is quite evident from Google’s statement that web loading time is main trait of website ranking system. The reason behind this factor’s importance is that it facilitates user with a better experience. Google also tends to reward those websites which are browsing friendly. In short, this all accounts for the need to speed up your website. CreativeOn provides you with ease to have best website using the latest SSD hosting. CreativeOn enhances your rating by speeding up your website and making it browsing-friendly on easy terms and affordable budgets. SSD will be used by CreativeOn to give you an edge over competitors who are slower in this regard.

2. Improved Statistics of Conversions

One key feature of your success or failure (when you are selling) is cart abandonment. Now why this happens? There are numerous causes and certain reasons behind it. Complexity of process, lack of timely assistance, improper instructions, insecure page and much more is there.

One key element behind this cart abandonment is slow loading of web page. This is something CreativeOn is ready to assist you with. We are all familiar that is the mobile age when people are no longer having “desk browsing”. They are rather mobile with their mobile accessories say cell phone, tablet, laptop or notebook. They don’t have time for slower web pages and are more inclined to switch to other one shortly. Even Google has starting prioritizing websites that have mobile friendly versions. This calls for the urgent need to enhance your web page loading time. The easiest solution and best remedy to slower connections is SSD hosting. CreativeOn is there to provide you SSD hosting. Just contact CreativeOn for your migration from traditional to SSD hosting.

3. Increased Uptime is an Edge

What is more valuable in this era than the data stored in a hard drive? Traditional drives, despite all the advancements made to reduce the risk of data failure, are still risky. It is true that with modifications and enhancements, their failure rate has reduced to 3-5 percent. This is relatively smaller yet still too much when you think about your valuable data. There are ways to reduce this downtime like RAID but they are very expensive.

CreativeOn is there to save your data by providing with SSD hosting having failure rate nearly 0.3 percent. On one hand you have 3-5% and on the other, you have 0.3%. So is there any comparison of SSD it those mechanical traditional drives? Surely there is not. CreativeOn offers highly reliable SSD hosting with fairly increased uptime.

4. The More Green the Better It Is

Energy resources are important for us as an individual and whole. CreativeOn will help you to have more green credentials through SSD which is five times more efficient than other one. SSDs use average 1.19 Watts vs. 6.43 Watts for SATA on a usual workload. This means SSD’s are reducing your electricity consumptions by five times.

It is true that data capacity of SSD drives is not as much as that of SATA world. However, advancements are being made to enhance SSD’s storage capacity which is (160-480) GB at present. However, cost saving and environmental protection is well served through SSD which CreativeOn is offering you. You can get more green credentials through CreativeOn web hosting using SSD.

Wrapping Up Discussion

Web hosting is very important decision as it is your core image in the web-world. It, therefore, needs careful attention and much consideration in selection of company. Good ranking, user appreciation, green credentials, improved conversions with maximum uptime is mandatory for every website these days. This all will not be possible without SSD drives. CreativeOn is there for your facilitation. We have SSD on all our servers. Let your journey towards faster website begin with CreativeOn. We welcome you to CreativeOn equipped with latest SSD drives on all servers for your best experience.

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