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Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server (Hosting). It is a virtual hosting space with specified resources like memory, space, and CPU cores, dedicated to a single tenant, and is located on a single parent server. It is different from shared hosting, where multiple customers’ websites (could range into hundreds or thousands in number) share all the resources among themselves. It has its own pros and cons, but this article will focus mainly on VPS hosting. VPS hosting provides you with flexibility and scalability for your businesses. 

List of all Benefits of VPS Hosting

All for you:

When we compare shared and VPS hosting, we can say the former is like living in a flat with thin walls with the neighboring flat, and you can easily be disturbed by the noises they make or if they start to use a piece of electric equipment that requires more voltage, it will cause your lights to flicker. In short, you will be impacted by every action your neighbor takes. The same is the case with shared hosting. If the neighboring website is performing some illicit actions, it will cause all the websites on that server to be shut down. Moreover, there is no division of resources between the websites, and if someone is using a large portion, you will be left with a small portion and nothing as a solution.
VPS hosting, on the contrary, is like living in a house in a big city where you do not share the same walls with your neighbors, but they are still close enough to wake you up with some loud music. In VPS hosting, you share the physical server with multiple other users, but they are in a private and protected block of the hardware. We also have a third option of dedicated hosting, which is like a big fortress; you will not have any impact from the surroundings, but it is very expensive to build. Dedicated hosting is expensive of all the options, and you will have a physical server all by yourself, and nobody will be sharing it with you. 

Dedicated Resources:

Another major benefit that VPS hosting provides is that you do not have to share your server resources, like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, space, etc., with any other customer. They are entirely dedicated to you, and in some cases, you get more of them as compared to shared hosting. 

Faster Speed:

The speed of your website depends on various factors like available resources, spikes in traffic, etc. In shared hosting, the server’s resources are distributed between all the customers, which means that the speed of your site will not be much faster. Additionally, if there is a sudden spike in traffic on your neighbor’s website, causing the server to shut down, which will also shut down your site. On the other hand, VPS hosting can be optimized to run your site efficiently. Since your share of the server’s resources is dedicated just to you, your site will have faster speed and improved loading time. 

Affordability and Value

Although shared hosting is a cheaper option in comparison to VPS hosting, the latter is still more affordable than dedicated hosting. VPS hosting offers more benefits than shared hosting, making it a better and more affordable option for you.

Access and Control

People who use shared hosting have little to no control over what is installed in their environment. But if you run your business on VPS hosting, you can benefit from the services you want and install whatever helps you in promoting your business. For instance, if you do not need the email functionality features on your server, you can shut them down or even uninstall them. It is safe to say that VPS hosting allows you to make changes in your server’s environment according to your needs.


Suppose your website experiences an immediate spike in site traffic due to any promotional sale or any other reason. In that case, you should be able to scale up your server’s resources to meet your demands. If you have shared hosting, then scalability will not be easy. Not only this, but when using shared hosting, you will experience problems even though you are not the one experiencing the surge in traffic. On the other hand, VPS hosting has the ability to absorb these spikes, also providing you with the option of easy and quick scalability.

Improved Security

It is very clear that shared hosting is the least secure hosting option. It is not because the shared hosts do not take the server’s security seriously but because of the multiple people accessing it through all types of devices, using weak passwords which can be easily cracked by hackers, compromising the security of all the users of the same server.
VPS hosting is better at managing all these issues. As there is fewer root (admin) users on a single server, meaning fewer people accessing and lesser security risks. Every user on the VPS hosting server uses virtual technology to isolate and protect their data from other users. In addition to this, there are many tools, like web-accessible firewalls, spam filters, etc., that are more strictly applied in a VPS environment improving the security of the server.


A VPS hosting can be used for a wide range of purposes like gaming, email, or project management server. It is also feasible for the multisite feature of WordPress; due to its high demand for resources, it can crash a shared hosting server.

Operating System and Software Freedom

Many of the shared hosting providers will not allow you to run certain software applications like streaming software or gaming servers. However, on VPS hosting, you can choose your favorite Operating System, and the same implies to the server software.

Long-term Scalability

Your business will grow with time, and you will also require more and more resources for your website. Using a VPS hosting will help you easily and quickly upgrade to a larger VPS or even an entire bare metal server.
If you are running a startup or a business with little traffic and do not need advanced functionality tools and a budget-friendly hosting option, then shared hosting is the best option for you. However, if you want to expand your business and have more tools, resources, and functions, VPS hosting is the right choice for you. It provides you with more security, elasticity, more resources and tools, and long-term scalability features. So make a smart choice. We hope this article will help you make the right decision about your hosting plans.

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