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What To Choose – Linux Or Windows

What to Choose – Linux or Windows

It is often witnessed that the people get confused over Windows and Linux hosting. Often the people who get the hosting for the websites get unclear over these two kinds of the web hosting – Windows and Linux.

The common wrong notion among the people is that if they go for the Linux hosting or get the linux server then visitors to their website using windows operating system would not be able to see their website. But in actual, this is not the case. Since your website is platform independent, this way the users using any kind of operating system whether windows XP, window 98, windows 95, windows vista, linux, mac or bsd or even any OS, they would be easily able to browse and see you entire website.

The same rule applies for both windows as well as linux hosting.

But the valid question is that which hosting platform is to be used for the website hosting? The answer is below

Your Requirements

Choosing the platform is up to your requirements. Most of the windows hosting providers provide the support for the scripting language such as ASP and database like MySQL whilst most of the Linux hosting providers provide support for scripting the language such as PHP and database like MySQL.

If you like ASP, then it’s better to go for Windows server and if you want PHP then choosing the Linux server is the best option. If there is no use of scripting language then you are at liberty to choose any of these two. Since Linux server is quite features-full and famous world over, it has to be preferred always.

On both servers, the features like html, dhtml, javascript, flash, real audio, video, cgi, pop mail ids, ftp, frontpage can be used.

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