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Some Common Design Mistakes on Small Business Websites

Some Common Design Mistakes on Small Business Websites

Small businesses need high-converting websites to become successful. A high-converting website optimizes your marketing budget and improves your business’s finances because this is where leads are generated. Hence, it would be best to avoid some common design mistakes while creating your website. We shall discuss some of these in the following article.

Overload of Internal Links

It is the most common mistake that people owning a small business website make. When you overload your site with internal links, it gives it a loose structure and dilutes it, resulting in a not-so-good experience for the users. You may ask why? It is because the Google algorithm uses internal links to understand the structure of your website. But because of overloading, Google fails to differentiate between the main page and subordinate pages and cannot direct the traffic directly to the page that answers their question. The traffic will be directed to generic pages, which can make them frustrated and uninterested in your website.
Therefore, you should always make sure that you have the right and firm linking structure for your business website to help your audience find their desired answers.  Make sure that your site follows a logical flowchart and keep in mind the following things:

  • Add a lot of relevant content to terminate the need to fill your site with internal links in a few pages.
  • Make sure to use exact anchor text that links two pages together to clarify what the reader will find on the next page.
  • Instead of adding the links pointing to your homepage, add links to the dedicated pages that carry the bulk of information and content to your site.
  • Do not force insert the links. Use only where it seems natural to have a link there for the readers.


Internal linking improves the user experience, so it is vital for your website. Make a wise choice when creating the internal linking structure for the proper functionality of your website.

Disorganized CTA

Another damaging yet common mistake is using a disorganized CTA (Call To Action). A sloppy CTA fails to convert leads into customers, basically throwing the whole point of creating the website out of the window. A CTA needs to be optimized properly to generate as many clicks as possible. It should be in such a way that commands people to take action. It should be precise, and the explanation should be done on your web pages. Use such a language that connects you with your customers. Do not overwhelm your customers with so many options, be exact, clear, and simple, and more people are likely to take action. 

A website not compatible with Mobile Phones

As we know that most people like to explore things using their cell phones, and this is what small business websites lack. They create such websites which are not compatible with mobile phones. By doing this, you are missing out on a large number of potential customers. On the other hand, if you make a mobile-friendly website, people will have a better experience, and there is a high chance that they will make a purchase fulfilling your aim of creating a website. A mobile-compatible website needs to be responsive and be able to resize according to the screen size, showing all the options visible on the desktop on a mobile screen. 

Visual Jumble

When you use too many visuals on your website, the purpose of creating a website is lost. People today do not have much time. They need to get to the point as soon as they open the website. Too much use of images and videos will make them leave your page without making any useful contribution. Make sure your small business website is clear, well organized, and has less visual content. Your visual aids should complement your content instead of overshadowing it. 

Every business needs to create a website to grow and attract more and more customers. The structure of your website is equally important as the business idea. So focus on the structure of your website, make a clear CTA and declutter your site. Moreover, make it as mobile-friendly as possible.

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