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Secrets to Successful Organic Social Media Startups

When you look around, you will hardly find people who are not familiar with social media. In one way or another, roughly around 60% of the world’s population uses social platforms. It is not surprising that many organizations want to use these platforms for their benefit. As these platforms have grown and employed different monetization policies and algorithm rules, it has become difficult for new startups to spread their message organically. It is seen that organic reach on Facebook is often recorded as little as 5% of your total following. People use support from different methods to increase their reach, and these methods are not free to use. Facebook will charge you a good sum of money to boost your post to grow your reach. But the goal of this article is that you should not be forced to pay to gain certain benefits from social media platforms. We have brought you some tips which can help you in the process. 

Set your Expectations

It is a very important first step in the process. You need to set your expectations on what you want to achieve on these social platforms. This will help you in formulating practical goals for your business. Return on Investment (ROI) is the main goal that you should look for when using social media platforms for your businesses. Social media platforms can be used for the following things:

  • Brand building
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Prioritizing quality over quantity
  • Building credibility for your brand


Secret tips for Success through Social Media

Setting your expectations and creating your social media strategy is the first step. After completing it, you need to follow some rules to succeed. We have brought you some of these tips for you in the following:

  • Understand and redefine social metrics
  • Optimize your every step
  • Maintain your credibility

Let us now understand these in detail.

Understand and redefine Social Metrics

When you set the goals for your business, make sure to compare them with the goals of bigger organizations. Dive into the strategies they use. This practice will help you figure out how to take off with your social media. What is the appropriate time, and how often should you post? What types of posts are considered successful? This way, you can differentiate between beneficial and unnecessary practices and save a lot of time. 

Moreover, it would be best if you understand the metrics and algorithms of the platform. It is also advisable not to focus on vanity metrics. Instead, it would help if you focused on the number of followers, the number of people viewing your posts, and follower growth because these are the basics for measuring engagement. It would be best to look closely at the content that gets you the most engagement, number of clicks, number of website visits, etc. so that you can make more of such content to keep your audience engaged and eventually make them take action. 

Once you are able to master these metrics, it is easier for you to repeat the practices and gain benefits. If you use multiple platforms, make sure to keep a separate track of insights for each of them and create strategies accordingly. 

Optimize your every step

After you understand the metrics of these social platforms, you can create content more easily. But you should start tracking the performance of the audience on each type of platform. For instance, open-ended questions do really well on Twitter, but if you try this on other platforms, like LinkedIn, It would not be as successful as before. Therefore, trying different types of content and tactics is the only way to figure out what suits you and your audience best. Also, try to avoid following other people because to each their own as you both might deal with different types of audiences. However, you should not just start flooding your accounts with content that makes no sense or is not even related to your business. In fact, you should be very thoughtful before deciding what you should upload and what you should not. Try to talk to people who have a sense of the content and will not give you a bad suggestion because it is best to have a third opinion. 

The next step is to create some boundaries for your social media accounts. Keep in mind that not everything needs social promotion. Posting content that will not get a good response or a positive reaction from your audience will negatively impact the overall performance of your account. Therefore, use the data collected from the insights and use it to strategize for your content.

Maintain Credibility

Building your brand is not a piece of cake; it requires time and a lot of effort. Therefore, you should not be hasty when it comes to growing your brand organically; do not look for shortcuts. Being authentic is one of the special ingredients in the recipe for building brand loyalty. Please stick to your brand’s morals and values, and people will align themselves with your brand for this reason. Try to make your content informative, which adds some value to the community. Use any genre, like humor, interactive polls, surveys, etc., to spark conversation among people. Your authenticity will take you places and will allow people to trust you and your brand. 

Embrace and learn from your mistakes

It is always a learning process and a struggle to make yourself better. You will commit mistakes, but this does not mean that you lose hope. Because it is said that if you do not make mistakes, you are not growing at all. Social media is a place to connect with different kinds of people, but you can not make each one of them happy. What you can do is be genuine and authentic and try to fix whatever problem comes your way. 

Social media is a place where you allow people to react toward you and your brand. And everyone will come up with all sorts of reactions. So everyone should understand that we all are human beings, and no matter how much we try, we can make mistakes. On the other hand, you should understand the impact of your content, as it will stay on social media forever. Therefore, you should take your time to figure out what type of content best suits your brand. Avoid any offensive content and try to connect with people through it. 

The article sheds light on a few of the steps which you can follow to grow your brand on social media organically. But you should learn about your audience, how each platform works and what kind of content is best suited to invoke a positive reaction from the public to grow your brand. Focus on being authentic and grow your brand’s loyalty and try to be consistent with your work. God’s speed to you!

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