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Wateen Drama

Wateen Drama

ISP’s are back bone of the web hosting industry because they provide the High volume of bandwidth and IP’s bundle to all IT fields. In Pakistan there are many ISP’s are working like, PTCL, World Call, Wateen and etc.  All the ISP’s are supposed to give the best service to their clients.

CreativeON is the 1st choice in Pakistan for Web Hosting and it’s working from last 10 years. It has best quality Name in hosting industry as well. In 2006-2007 when the entire ISP’s (all over the Word) occupies the port 25 (By default port for SMTP) and at that time Creativeon enabled the alternate SMTP port 587 for our clients so that they can send an Email using our servers. It was the best solution for our clients and they are very happy with us.

In the start of August, 2011 Wateen occupied almost all ports and after that thousands of hosting clients are facing problem. The one of the major problem is that they are unable to send emails within same domains. We and other companies complained hundred’s time but as usual not good response from their side. They are not willing to resolve it and the giving pathetic solution to their client that they need to buy a Static IP.

We recommended to all our clients if the Emails are priority of your business than you must need to leave Wateen and go to any other internet solution.

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