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Disaster Robots Competition

Disaster Robots Competition

The US Department of Defence’s Darpa research unit is going to host the event for Disaster Robots competition on Saturday.
Google team was one of the favorite to win but they quit the contest.

Schaft robot won the previous contest of 2013.

robotics competition

Although it is a ” Humanitarian theme” event but media had concerns about being linked to a military backed event.

The Robotics Challenge include the following tasks.

  1. Driving a car
  2. Getting out of the car
  3. Opening and walking through a door
  4. Opening a valve
  5. Using a drill to cut a hole drawn onto a wall
  6. Crossing a debris-filled terrain – either by clearing a path for itself or walking over the rubble
  7. Climbing up steps
  8. A mystery event, that will only be disclosed to the teams on Friday

Each team would have 2 chances to complete the tasks.

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