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cPanel Down

cPanel Down

Today, I received a call from one of our reseller who was insisting that the control panel for his site is not opening up and that the server is down. I have checked myself and it was working absolutely fine. I confirmed him from several proxy websites and then he admitted that server is fine and issue is in his local network.

Being the team lead for customer support, I often find myself in same situation where a customer having problems with their ISPs will call us that “your system is down”,”Your server is not responding” and sometimes we faced aggressive behavior as well from there without knowing the issue and problem. Whenever someone has any type of issue he needs to confirm from his side and then complaints. You need to do following steps before complaining.

1. Check your ISP using different method suck like reset and ping it properly.

2. Clear your browser cache OR delete history (Caution: It may delete your passwords and some other data).

3. Browse your website OR control panel using any proxy websites.

4. You should check from alternate location or other computers.

5. Check with any other ISP which has not on same fiber.

The above steps would help you in any case such like websites down, emails issues such like sending and receiving and many more.

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