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Things to Consider to Start an Ecommerce Business in Pakistan

Things to consider to start an eCommerce Business in Pakistan

It is safe to say that eCommerce businesses are the new face of this world we live in. It has been predicted that brick-and-mortar will soon become a thing of the past, and people will completely shift to online businesses. It might have seemed far-fetched a decade ago, but today if we look around, we see that eCommerce businesses have been able to flourish. We find online options in almost all fields of life nowadays. Be it buying tickets to travel across the world or buying groceries for your home, Ecommerce Businesses have got you covered in everything. In a country like Pakistan, the trends usually sweep in later than the developed countries, and now is that time. It is high time to start your own eCommerce business because it is not too early that you might fear people will not be much familiar with it, and not too late when the market has become saturated.

E-commerce businesses started in the early 2000s in Pakistan when the first ever online store was opened under the name of Beliscity. It could not gather much trust from the public, as people were still into the conventional modes of shopping. Hence, it shut down. The launch of Easypaisa, an online mobile account that could be used to transfer money without any difficulties, in 2009 proved to be significant in promoting online businesses. As time passed, we witnessed the success of Daraz, FoodPanda, Uber, Careem, Cheetay, Byker, and many more. And now we have reached the point where Amazon has approved opening their office in Pakistan. E-commerce businesses have come a long way since the early 2000s.

And after going through the period of lockdown due to the global pandemic, these businesses really prospered. People did turn their gaze towards them as they were not allowed to go outside. And this trend followed people after the two years of lockdown as well. But if, on the one hand, the online business gives you control and frees you from the boundaries of a physical office, it does have some requirements after all. In all the competition around you, it is important to keep some factors in mind and fulfill the requirements needed for your business model. Although Ecommerce businesses have different kinds, therefore the requirements also differ, but some general requirements are listed and discussed down below:


Every business needs some kind of resources. In conventional businesses, you have to pay for the place, invest in the stock, arrange for the utility bills, hire the staff, and much more. These are the resources you need for your brick-and-mortar presence. Now, if we talk about online business, you might get relaxation in so many aspects. For example, you can have flexible working hours, you do not have to have a physical boundary for your business, and you can work from anywhere if there is an Internet connection. But still, you need to have some resources to start the business. The most important step is you need to make a steady and feasible online presence (website or store) to interact with the clients, as this will be the only means of communication between you and your customers.

Therefore, make sure you create a sustainable, secure, and comprehensive site. The next step is to frequently update your product or service description. People will recognize you by the description they see on your website. Henceforth, it is a very crucial step. Write a thorough description of your products that answers all the potential questions of the clients. Keep some investment ready to buy the raw material of your product. In the case of services like Uber and FoodPanda, you still need an office for the registration process. So, you definitely need finances for that. In short, whatever business you choose to start, you shall need resources to ignite it.


An Ecommerce environment is basically all of the online presence you have. The mood and themes of your website, the engagement of the clients to your page, and the security of the online store (mainly the website) make up the environment of your Ecommerce business. To make your site popular, choose the name wisely. Create a proper plan for your business, update the product information, and also set up payment options to assist the client. You should also set up your customer’s support policies as well as privacy policies. You should also set up security software to prevent your site from viruses, malware, and other cyber attacks. You should also make customer-friendly policies and make sure their information is safe with you. If you are successful in making them feel secure, half of your job is done. In addition to this, keep updating the customer’s reviews about your product or service on a regular basis for future customers.

Cultural Inclination

Pakistan is a country where cultural values are almost worshipped. People here are very sensitive about their belief systems. The term ‘‘extremists” is used to define the people of this country. We have so many examples from the past; when radios and televisions were first introduced, they were declared haram by religious scholars, and after some passed, these inventions were able to penetrate into the masses. Similarly, when the first online store, Beliscity, was opened in 2001, it was not successful in turning people’s attention towards itself and had to shut down. But now, the story has changed 180 degrees. Online shopping has pretty much become a significant part of Pakistani life. You may notice that people nowadays use Uber, Careem, or Indriver for transportation. They order food from FoodPanda or Cheetay. They shop for groceries online using Grocer App.

So, it is safe to say that Online Services will dominate the future. If you want to start your own E-business, you should consider the inclination of people toward your choice of business. You should not go of anything which creates controversy among the people because it will take so much time to make people used to it, and maybe your business will not be around to witness it. You should always be respectful towards the cultural value of your customers.

Never make such comments which can be hurtful or disrespectful. Always try to be more inclusive when it comes to your products or services. Avoid religious commentary because it will most probably land you in the middle of trouble. Putting it briefly, try to be inclusive and understanding and stay away from hurtful remarks in any shape or form. If you take care of the requirements mentioned above, you are good to go!

No doubt, eCommerce businesses will be the future lifestyle of living, but still, many precautions and resources are required to start it. But entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to dive into it and explore new horizons. Make full use of your imagination and get as much benefit as possible. 

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