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Building Customer Centric Website

Questions to Ask When Building Customer Centric Website

Developing a website for a small business is very important as it is the tool to reflect your business, attract customers, offer credibility, and develop a customer-client relationship. Website’s outlook and aesthetic appeals are given more importance in this regard. Undoubtedly, the website should be appealing and pleasant to the customer’s eye. Yet it has to develop relevance with customers as well. Building a customer-centric website is different in this aspect. One needs to put oneself in the customer’s shoes and see things from their eyes. Here are few things to question yourself before you start your website designing procedure.

Who are Your Potential Buyers?

Here you need to figure out and pick two or three potential buyers and get their profiles. Then you need to ponder on their interests and concern. Keeping their concerns in mind, you will get an idea what to put first and offer on your website.

What’s Their Cause of Coming to You?

Research and analyze deeply about your site visitors. Why are they approaching you? What is their shopping trend? Are they active buyers or passive ones? Is there any offer, promotion or discount that brought them to you or they are just motivated by their urgent need? This analysis will lead you to know their mindset and shopping trends. You can use these insights for building your website effectively.

Do You Know the Device They are Reaching You With?

This is very important to know that what device your customer is approaching you with. If it is a mobile then get to know that your customer is mobile and has urgent need and important topics to be addressed. It they are being on their desktop, this means they are either doing extensive search and have time and space to mange. It is also noteworthy if your surfer is using multiple devices like cell phone and desktop simultaneously. Then responsive web designing is must.

What are Their Top Priorities?

Considering all of the above, you will find insights of their priorities and focus points. This may be the convenience, price, discount, quality, or anything. It is possible to get different things from different buyers yet an overall impression could be developed.

Develop Your Websites Catering Customer’s Insights

You have unique aspects and stories of your potential customers. Now build your content around them. You need to offer different profiles with distinctive priorities that your customer can use for navigation. This will be an edge for you over your customers who will be offering only lists of products and services. Customer-centric websites are harder to build yet sweeter in reward. Once you know your audience, their insights and deliver them wisely, you will find marvelous response.

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