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Emails to Customers: How Much is Too Much?

The question of how many emails you should be sending your customers seems quite simple. Yet its the answer is not so easy. We have spent years in marketing through emails but still, it is not an easy thing to answer.

If you ask an opinion regarding market strategies, I would say that it is not the number of emails that matters. There is no numerical figure that could act as a rule like two emails per month or one per week.

The basic factor which can determine this frequency is the “content” and the “value of content”. It is the content bring shared in an email that makes you send it every day (it is very strong) otherwise even once in a month will be too much.

Is Marketing Through Emails Still a Valid Strategy?

This question often intrigues our minds that is it a valid and relevant strategy or not? Apparently, considering power of videos and extremely trending social media, you may assume that Pinterest, Snapchat and Bacon technology have taken up the worlds. Yet reality seems to support different statistics.

According to research figures, email users are about to rise up to 29 billion till 2019. So how can you be negligent towards marketing this huge number? Moreover, customers relay more on the emails that they have signed up than the online videos banner and ads they see generally.

Specified emails extract their particular attention. So signed up emails maintain their importance.

Question the Value That is Delivered Through Emails

Being confident and sure of emails’ relevance in this era, we move on to our main question i.e., how many emails there should be?

In order to get answer, you must determine the value. Ask yourself question that what value these emails are bringing up? If answer is not clear and spontaneous then you marketing strategies definitely need a review.

Determine the Value of Your Emails

Remember there is no hard and fast rule for determining value as it is subjective entity. However, there are certain factors that can be considered for determination. This depends mainly on the relationship of your customer with your brand.

New Customers

If the customer receiving your email is a new one then he may need more updates of products and the how-to-do’s information.

At Risk Customers

This category of customers may require details of your offers, discounts and bundles. This is done to re-engage them by keeping their interests stuck to your business.

Tenured Customers

Dealing with them requires less but rich communications. E books, case studies and white papers should be offered.


Knowing your relationship with customers will let you know what sort of email marketing they require. This is complete research process and has to be done carefully. Assume your every email as a research test and analyze it fully.

You should also feel free to ask your customers what they want or they might like? This is the best way to make your valuable marketing strategies, more valuable.

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