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How can you Create an Email Marketing List for your Small Business?

How can you create an Email Marketing list for your Small Business?

It is estimated that email marketing provides a 36% of Return on Investment (ROI). You can have it easier when you have an email marketing list and strategy on how to extract benefits. In the following article, we shall tell you how you can create a solid email marketing list and get fruitful results.

Suitable Marketing Software

Having software to manage all the information and provide you with solutions should be the first thing on the list. You will come across plenty of options for such marketing software, but you need to find one suitable for your business model. You should have all the required tools and resources to carry on your journey. 

A good email marketing software offers drag-and-drop email builders, optimized email templates, and powerful email analytics, along with some other useful features. It also provides competitive plans that make it easier and budget-friendly for you to send emails in bulk even though you run a small business. 

In addition to this, they also provide the option of third-party integration, subscriber list segmentation, personalization, A/B testing for click-through rate optimization, list growth rate, average conversion rate, etc., to help you build an email list and expand your business. 

You might find this marketing software costly and time-consuming, but this does not mean you opt for a simple email list instead because you will end up with little to no advantage. First of all, you will be a complete stranger to the list you bought online, as people on the list have yet actually to sign up for your website. Secondly, it is possible that other people have bought that list as well, which increases the risk of your emails ending up as spam which in turn could lead to shutting your email account by your email service provider. 

Add Signatures to redirect people to your options Page

An email signature adds a personal touch to your email, making it a more powerful tool for list creation and market strategy. Create a design according to your business model. Use a two-step process in your email opt-in form to build a healthy email list, and this will encourage people who are genuinely interested in getting email signups. 

Run Contests or Giveaways

People often take more interest in participating in contests and giveaways, so you can use them for creating your email list. You can get other benefits like customer loyalty and customer retention as well. Offering a gift will encourage people to sign up. But make sure your giveaway and contest are related to your brand to attract more and more audiences. For instance, if you have a clothing brand, you can give away any piece of clothing because it will help you create a list of people interested in your brand. 

Start a Referral Program

Making your customers, your brand ambassador is one of the best investments for your company. It can also help you in creating your email list because your customers will happily refer your store to others and encourage them to sign up for your account. You are so rewarding your current, loyal customers for your social advertisement and promotion. It will be a win-win situation as it will encourage more people to subscribe, wishing for exclusive rewards and discounts.
You can use free referral software to organize such programs for your website. You focus on providing the best user experience to your customers so that they can spread the word for you. 

Offer free Shipping

Most customers are attracted to the pages which offer free shipping. At the time of checkout, they are more likely to abandon their purchase if they see high rates or delivery charges. Therefore, use free shipping and discounts to attract more customers. In return, you can ask them to provide their email address. This will allow you to close the sale and create an email list simultaneously.
Email marketing is one of the most important strategies to reach the maximum audience and convert them into your customers. But you need to create a list for it to provide you with maximum benefits. Above, we have mentioned some tricks and strategies to build your email marketing list. Hopefully, you can use them and extend your customer count!

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