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Five Basic Tips to Know before Using any Ecommerce Service

Five basic Tips to Know Before Using any Ecommerce Service

As we all know, Ecommerce Businesses have been providing services in almost every sector of life in Pakistan for more than a decade now. There are many websites to choose from and decide which service provider best suits your needs. You can use the services for buying groceries, getting food delivered to you, ordering a taxi, getting your house cleaned, or getting your makeup done. You name it, and you have it. But with all the ease comes a few risks which can easily be shunned. Therefore, you should know some tips before using any services to have a better online shopping experience. 

Good Product or Service Description

It is very helpful if the online service provider or shopping site has a brief yet proper description of their products or the services they provide. Because when it comes to E-Commerce Business, you can not see the actual product before buying, so you have to rely on the description provided by the seller. Hence, getting every detail of the product or service you wish to use becomes easier. So, as a customer, it is very important for you to read the product or service description. It will aid you in deciding whether this online store or service can fulfill your needs. In addition to this, it is advised to review customers’ feedback as well because it also will tell you a lot about the authenticity of these online service providers. People who already have had the experience of using the said service are a reliable option to base your judgment on. Obviously, the provider will upload only the good reviews. To see through it checks how frequently the reviews are updated as it will show that the provider gets good reviews more often. 

Customer Support Policies

You being a customer, should emphasize and know about the Customer Support Policy of the online service providers. You should know what steps you can take if something is wrong. Let us talk more specifically about these policies. For instance, if you have ordered any product from an online store and received a damaged one. You should know about their return options and how they have planned on dealing with such situations. How long will it take them to either fix the fault or refund your money? In the case of online service providers like Uber, FoodPanda or Careem, which provide you with services instead of products, the customer support policy is very important. Many factors like the safety of the customers, harassment policies, securing the personal data of the users etc should be addressed in their customer support policy. If you do not find these policies satisfying, ask the providers about them. If you still do not get a satisfactory answer, refrain from using their services. 

Use a Secure Internet Connection

When using online stores for shopping, make sure you use a secure WiFi or Internet connection because you never know what you can come across. Hackers disguise themselves pretty decently that it becomes almost impossible for most people to recognize them. Make sure you have an antivirus installed on your system, regularly scan for malware and avoid using an open WiFi connection. It is very easy to get a hand of your personal data if you use an open WiFi connection, and you will not be able to notice it. Therefore, use a secure connection and block access of unimportant websites to send you notifications because it may be a trap. Avoid exploring links in the advertisement or sent to your email address, as most of them are either viruses or malware. Make your online experience safer. 

Compare and Buy

Just like we do in the conventional methods, we do not buy from the first shop we go in. We do not pay the first price the shopkeeper asks; we bargain and compare. Similarly, the smart way of shopping from an online store or using any service online is to compare different options and choose the best. Many online pages have a higher product price just because they are famous. So, a wise thing to do is to compare the price of the same product from different stores, see the customer reviews of the product from those pages and then select the one with less price and good feedback. This way, you can save money.

Similarly, if ordering a cab service, make sure to check for the fare from different options and select the one demanding a lower fare. Stumbling on the first option and using it is not wise. Make your online experience smarter and more efficient. 

Secure your Account

Most eCommerce businesses have you create an account on their website before acquiring their services. It is in your best interest to secure your account by using a strong password that cannot be easily guessed or cracked. It is preferable to use a combination of upper and lower-case alphabets, numbers, and symbols when creating your password. Please do not give out more information than is necessary. Limit the access of the website into your system. Do not make your personal information open to public eyes because not everyone who sees it would be a nice person. Hackers are usually on the lookout for such opportunities. You are responsible for your own safety. Make sure the site offers a privacy policy to secure the client’s information and not misuse it. Keep your account as personal and safe as possible. 

Some people might think that these steps are far-fetched and unnecessary, but the world we are living in requires these safety measures. The world is moving towards eCommerce businesses and hence, more cyber attacks. Credit card fraud has also been more prevalent since the start of these online ventures. So, it is on you to secure your information and ensure to avoid these criminals. Everything comes with its pros and cons. This does not necessarily make that thing bad. People just have to learn to have a safer and better experience when using these sites, and all is good. 

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