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What is PK Domain Name and where can I Register one?

Today, we live in a digital world where online shopping has become a trend, and all businesses are shifting on the internet. Everything is getting online here in Pakistan, from personal transportation (Uber, Careem, Bykea, etc.) to food delivery (Food Panda, Byte, etc.). However, we are technology-wise many years back from other developed countries, but still, we have raised in the online shopping, E-Commerce stores, virtual outlets of well-renowned brands. In short, every business needs an online presence if they have long-term business plans.

To begin your online business presence, you need a couple of things, from domain name registration to digital marketing. First of all, you have to register a .PK domain name because your targeted audience is from Pakistan, and you are interested in enhancing your credibility.

Registering a PK domain for your new company or online business website with a Pakistani domain name is a good step towards targeting the Pakistani community. Finding a perfect domain name here in Pakistan is not as easy as you are thinking, but if you have a unique brand name or follow valuable tips on how to buy a PK domain name, you can find your way out to register a perfect one. 

creativeON is a gold reseller of the PKNIC registry. It offers exceptional quality services such as domain name security and insurance, auto-renewal, domain lock, and other administrative tasks, along with the lowest cost web hosting. 

In addition, if you’re having problems finding out how to and where to register an appropriate domain name that resonates with your business, our experts can provide you with some brilliant suggestions and tips. Furthermore, there is no need to come here to the office; contact our support team via live chat, email, or phone number to get our assistance for PKNIC domain search. Otherwise, enter the name of your domain in the search bar on the domain registration page and get your favorite domain registered. 

As Pakistan’s No. 1 domain registrar, we ensure that you access the best domain names. Aside from that, we have a variety of domain extensions that you may browse and buy at reasonable prices. You can combine with our reliable hosting plans and first-rate web development administrations to create a site that reflects your true self.

What is a PK Domain Name?

As you know, the PK domain is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) that is only available to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It signifies that it is mostly employed by Pakistan-based enterprises or sub-branches of global corporations to target the Pakistani community.

Anyone can utilize it with a Pakistani target base, and it should be registered for a minimum of 2 years. If you think, how can you register it or any other eligibility criteria for a .PK domain name, then please note that everyone who lives in Pakistan and has a valid NADRA CNIC card is eligible? You can register it by clicking here without any difficult steps. Moreover, international users have no restrictions; they can also register PK domains as many as they need.

Where can I register a PK domain? 

You can see multiple domain registrars in Pakistan, but creativeON is the gold partner of Pakistan’s registry and offers reliable domain and web hosting services at market competitive prices.

What is the format of .PK Domain? 

It is almost similar to other domain name extensions where you can use a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 63 characters length. However, you can also use numeric characters and hyphens (only in the middle) to register your branded domain name.

For How many years can I register the .PK domain?

PK domain registration period is two years either you register or renew it from any domain registrar. In most cases, the PK domain name takes 24-72 hours and is replicated in the DNS servers worldwide.

What are the benefits of using the .PK Domain?

By registering your .PK domain, users can have many advantages, and the major ones are listed below:

  • You will get local customers
  • It increases customers’ engagement
  • Easy to remember for Pakistani people
  • Golden and short names are available with .PK domain extension

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