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What is Top Level Domain?

In this era of web life and world-web, you might be familiar with top-level domains. In particular, if you are enjoying web hosting and own a domain, then you might be having a top-level domain already. Still, wondering what it is all about? Here is a piece of information for you with special reference to some common names and hierarchies of such domains.

Top Level Domain

Top level domain is basically the suffix part of the domain that comes after “dot” in your URL.  It is basically the final segment of domain’s name. Categorically, top level domain has two types:

  1. Country Specific
  2. Generic

What Does Top Level Domain Do?

Basically these domains depict and identify the type of businesses and the country from which they are originated. Previously there were very strict rules and guidelines for top level domains. Yet the guidelines for generic top level domains and company trademarks have been relaxed in Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in the year 2010.

What is Domain Name System (DNS)?

DNS is actually called the naming system for all the resources that are in connection to the internet. This may include services that are online, computers that are linked through the internet or so.  The main function of Domain Name System (DNS) is linking domain names whether to a company or a website or service. Moreover, translating the domain name into an IP address (numerical form) is also a key function performed through it.  This allows and aids system protocols in proper and apt functioning.

What are Common Top Level Domain Extensions?

When it comes about extensions then you find a great variance in them. The selection of these extensions is purely made on basis of the mode of your business or organization. Professionally, the alignment of business and the domain name is very important. You need to choose wisely among all.

Here is list of common domain names along with their purposes:

Top Level Domains (General)

  • .com (mostly online businesses)
  • .edu (for educational institutes)
  • .net (for numerous reasons ranging from online companies to personal ventures)
  • .org (for non-profit organizations)
  • .co (for companies)
  • .biz (for company names)

Top Level Domains (Specific/country code)

There are some specific domains as well. These identify either regional positioning or countries of origin. These include:

  • (Pakistan)
  • (United Kingdom)
  • (France)

Top Level Domains (Creative)

There is another category of domas as well. These are called creative top level domains.

  • .guru (for expressing your authority in particular role)
  • .tv (for online television shows and other video-related projects)
  • .name (for sides based on individual accommodation)
  • .me (for individual branding projects)
  • .expert (for expressing your authority in particular role)
  • .io (for technology based companies)

Top Level Domains (Restricted)

There are some top level domains that fall under the category of restricted. These include:

  • .post (for post office)
  • .gov (for government sectors and resources)
  • .museum (used by museums and related industries)
  • .aero (for aerospace industry)
  • .mil (for military associated websites)

Top level domain is the vital communication about your business. “.com” is the most common top level domain of all yet you are not advised to only choose this one. Align it with your business and select accordingly.

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