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Cpanel and Whm 108 Version, What to Expect?

cPanel and WHM 108 Version, What to Expect?

cPanel has announced the release of version 108 for the web hosting control panel with new features and improvements. The most noticeable feature is the introduction of a Team Manager. This new interface will allow administrators to create users as a team who will be able to modify some settings on the cPanel. This version will also install the Let’s Encrypt Plugin, but it will not be set to default automatically.

What to Expect?

Let us see what we can expect from the newly released version 108.

Team Manager:

As mentioned above, cPanel and WHM 108 have introduced a new feature of Team Manager. The users of a team will be able to update domains, email addresses, and databases. But this feature is in the experimental feature stage in this version. 

Feedback Link:

Now, you will also find a link for the feedback to the developers of cPanel in the navigation bar and interface footer. 

Updated Theme:

The theme of Onboarding Assistance has been updated to the Jupiter theme from the Paper lantern one. 

Insecure Contact Email Update:

Moreover, the previous default setting, which allowed insecure contact email updates in the Tweak Setting Interface, has now been set to off. 

Support Rocky Linux 8 OS:

This version also fully supports the Rocky Linux 8 Operating System. 

Removed PHP Version Information:

PHP version information has been removed from the Server information interface in this released version.

Removed Horde Webmail Interface:

The developers have also removed the Horde webmail interface, which allowed users to manage contacts, along with other Horde-related settings from WHM’s Tweak Settings Interface. 

Appendix A: Third-Party Applications:

Cpanel and WHM version 108 has included cPanel-provided modules, PHP modules, Perl modules, and OS-provider modules as third-party applications. 

Appendix B: API Functions:

It has introduced new WHM UAPI 1 functions which include the following:

  • restrict_whm_root_access to restrict which IP address users can log in from to a WHM server as a root user. It can overwrite any existing IP address in your access list. Make sure to include all the IP addresses when using this function.
  • allow_all_whm_root_access to remove all restrictions on the IP addresses for the users to log in to the WHM server as root users.

 It comes with some modified WHM API 1 functions in their new version, which include the following:

  • backup_destination_set will tell the backup system either to use a remote destination for log file backup or not (only used for log parameters)
  • backup_destination_add will tell the backup system to either use a remote destination for log file backup or not (only used for log parameters)
  • restore_config_from_upload changes the skip holder parameter from 0 to 1, which disables the Horde when you restore a configuration file from the backup.

Appendix C: New and modified Scripts

Through this script, you can copy the main system and user logs from a server to a remote backup destination set in WHM.

What is the Let’s Encrypt Plugin?

This 108 version will install a Let’s Encrypt plugin to your system, but it will not be set as a default SSL provider. The users can upgrade their MySQL 5.6 directly to any supported version of MariaDB. On the other hand, Calendar and contacts interfaces will now require the installation of the Calendar and Contacts Server (CSS) plugin to appear in the menus. 

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