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How to Create an Auto Responders in cPanel

How to Create an Auto-Responders in cPanel

Creating an auto-responder in cPanel.

In this tutorial i will elobrate how to create an auto-responders in cpanel. Auto-responder is usefull when someone want to send an auto reply like confirmation of mail receipt to those who sent you the mail. It also can be used when some one is on leave for quite a time and want send an auto reply to its contact when they send him email.
Auto responder is an automatic reply by the sytem when some send you email.

creating auto-responder in cPanel.

1. Login to your cpanel
2. Scroll down to the mail section and click the icon “Auto Responders”.


3. click the “Add Auto Responder” Button.



4. Enter the Email for which you want to create auto-responder also choose the domain name in front of it. Now enter the from information. It might be a email owner name. Enter subject in the Subject field, leaving it blank will make your auto responses use the same subject used by the respondee in his email.

Also do mention the Time so the auto responder is not sent to same email again and again.

If you want to send HTML formatted text click this box. if you don’t check it, system will send email as plain text.

Now in the body section type the message you want to send in the auto response… like,
I am out of town and would be back on sunday.
Asher Feroze

5. click the Create Modify button.



You have successfully created auto responder.

I already have described creating of auto responders in cPanel in video tutorial you can also check it for further details.

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