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Adding Email Signatures In Webmail (Horde)

Adding Email Signatures in Webmail (Horde)

Email signatures are the specified signature to attach with every sending mail. Email signatures could be just your name, email or any type of text or could be graphic based i.e you can put a your visiting card’s graphic photo or logo of your company.
Adding email signatures in webmail(horde) is a easy and simple task.

Steps to add email signatures in webmail.

1. Login to your Webmail account.
2. Hover on Setting Icon >>> then Preference and then click the link of “Mail”

adding signatures in webmail

3. On the next you would 2 text boxes for signature. One is for plain text signature and the 2nd is for HTML based signature.

adding signatures in webmail-2

4. Click the save button.

adding signatures in webmail-3

That’s it you have created your email signature for web mail (horde)

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