why we are not better? We are the BEST….

If I have to purchase a webhosting plan from a company, I would like to look for the followings;

  1. The hosting company is not a beginner- We are not. We are in the business of hosting businesses for more than decade now
  2. A sizable clientage- We have only managed 8500 web sites hosted, a 35000 registered domains and we have presence in more than 80 countries of the world… And we are just ahead of beginners.
  3. The clientage should have renowned stakeholders like corporations, businesses, government agencies and multinationals- We have few of these, you may be familiar with names like City 42, Servis, Master Paints, Stylo, KESC, TDCP, BISE Peshawar… and list goes on.
  4. Wide range of services offered- We do not have a range for services offered. We just ask our clients for their range in webhosting services.
  5. Speedy & Effective Support System- We do not have a speedy and effective support system. We provide an effective and efficient support to our clients 24/7/365.
  6. Specs & Hardware up to industry standards- We do not have specs and hardware that meet industry standards in Pakistan- We provide webhosting to our clients on servers based in different datacenters of USA, UK and Germany.
  7. There should be no third party (reseller) involvement- But there is third party involvement in our case. Our more than 150 resellers …
  8. The company should be equally accessible from anywhere in the world- We are not accessible equally from anywhere in the world, we are just available through physical visit, chat, phone, and email.
  9. Economical yet quality conscious- We are not economical yet quality conscious. We just provide you quality services at affordable prices.
  10. Local Currency Pricing- We are far behind to provide this service to our esteemed clients. We just provide prices in PKR and USD.

If you still desire to search for another webhosting company, you are most welcome. Please let us also know about your search results of better webhosting companies. We know we are not in the list of better companies, we are the BEST.