Are you confused about choosing the web host in Pakistan for your site? As a matter of fact you should be, as every hosting company claims very high uptimes, half hour of support response time, daily backups and many other things that you really want to go for. Here we will summarize some hosting industry standards that you should count for before choosing the hosting of your mission critical website. Let me emphasize, that choosing a hosting company for your e-commerce business is the most important decision that you will ever take. Some of the factors that you will need to compare will be uptime and support.

While going for uptime, one most important factor that you should not ignore is how long the hosting company is in business (creativeON.com is providing web hosting Pakistan since 10 years now). Any hosting company in pakistan that is in the business since months can claim a 100% uptime. While if the same is claimed for years, it is usually too good to be true.

In Shared web hosting it is usually that you run in to problem, especially while deploying your web application. You may face incompatibility issues or may need extra privileges that do not come with your package. You will need fast responses for your tickets. If your company is replying for once in a day, you may need weeks to deploy the application or even fix a simple thing.

Price is usually not a factor when we talk about mission critical web hosting. The web hosting on which your business model relies on needs to be ultra reliable. Off course no one will risk the business repute and large profits just to save a few thousand rupee per year. Let me add that if you are looking for a best hosting company in Pakistan; try to find in big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, queta or Rawalpindi and do not go for small cities. You may not have so many choices, as there are only few hosting companies that you can rely on.

Avoide hosting company offering following.

Refrain from cheap hosting services that are as cheap as dust. Companies offering very high discounts all around the year. Hosting companies that have one page websites and no physical offices. Do not try any thing that is too good to be true for any business critical application.