Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The CreativeON Service Level Agreement is between the company and the subscribers to its services. The SLA covers the crucial two components that ensure the availability of your website and our support.

1) Network Uptime

We guarantee 100% network-uptime in a month. Through this guaranty we assure our customers that all major routing devices within our network will be reachable from global internet 99.5% of the time. This guaranty however excludes scheduled maintenance.

In case of failure, we will credit your account 5% of the monthly fee for each 2 hours of downtime. This credit limits to 60% of your monthly fee in case of an affected dedicated server. This is applicable for dedicated servers only.

A) exclusions

  1. Scheduled Network Maintenance- Our servers require occasional network maintenance. We will do everything possible to minimize this downtime during the maintenance. We will send you a prior notice of the upcoming maintenance at the given email address. A scheduled maintenance period does not fall under the scope of this SLA and thus are not eligible for SLA credits.
  2. Hardware Maintenance- On rare occasions, hardware in your dedicated server may need maintenance or replacement. We will do everything possible to minimize this downtime and any downtime incurred due to the hardware maintenance will not eligible for SLA credits.
  3. Software Maintenance- We keeps the software up to date on your managed dedicated servers. If we manage your server, we will have to perform occasional software updates to address security and performance issues. Usually, there will be no downtime in such situations; however, we cannot guaranty a specific amount of time in all situations.
  4. Malicious Attacks- If a third party that is not part of CreativeON or its affiliates initiates a Denial of Service or any of such kind of disabling attack against your dedicated server or major part of your network. CreativeON will do everything possible to avert the attack, but we cannot guarantee a resolution time.
  5. Legal Actions- In the situation where a legal action is taken against a customer of CreativeON, and we are bound to act accordingly to the orders. In such cases CreativeON shall not be responsible for any SLA damages.
  6. cPanel Issues- If you choose to run cPanel and Web Host Manager on your dedicated server, the software related to cPanel will be configured for auto updates. Any adverse effect on part of cPanel or its related software on your server will not fall under the scope of this SLA. We will do whatever is possible to fix any cPanel problems but we cannot guarantee any resolution time.


In case that we do not meet this SLA, you as dedicated hosting client will be eligible to request for downtime compensation as per service monitoring logs. You are required to forward your compensation request within 5 days to the incident under question. Remember, the amount of compensation may not exceed your monthly fee charges. You are not eligible for any compensation during a month when you are found in breach of CreativeON Terms of Service. You will not eligible for any compensation if your account is default of payment.