With so many hosting companies around, a new comer will get confused and hosting terms and the way these terms are used and exploited by most of the hosting companies. In this 3 steps guide you will know enough to make a wise decision about your new web host. Depending on your needs for web hosting service, you may be able to take a decision after reading “web hosting basics” part, or you may read all three.

Step-1: Web hosting basics

If you have just stepped into the webhosting world, you need to know the basic terms. This is only one page, and needs 5-10 minutes of reading. This is not that much time to spend when you are going to spend the whole year with your new host. click for detials

Step-2: Different types of web hosting

If you know the basics already, It is time to dig further. You need to know what options to look for exactly. Weather you need more bandwidth or more space. Is database is required, if required do you need mySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. Lets step into these two pages of learning and make a wise decision for your organization. click for detials

Step-3: Web hosting glossary

You know all basics and know how of webhosting, but looking for some specific terms. Read it here.