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Tips To Choose A Better Control Panel – CPanel Or Plesk

Tips to Choose a Better Control Panel – cPanel or Plesk

cPanel or Plesk are the common terms in the field of web hosting. Among the web developers, these two terms are widely recognizable. Web developers know every type of web hosting control panels. Control panels happen to be important and vital web based platforms which seek to simplify the procedure of managing a server. There are so many options of control panels working in the web hosting industry but these two are quite in use and appear to be the best options.

The History of Plesk and cPanel

As for cPanel, it has been around for over a decade. It got originally created and released way back in mid 1990s era. Recently it has emerged as the platform of choice for the shared hosting provider companies and among the users. cPanel is mostly seen being used primarily for Unix based operating systems such as  Red Hat and CentOS. Plesk got introduced in early 2000s era. The chief differences between the two are that their panel support both Windows and Unix based operating systems.

The Benefits of cPanel

The main benefit of cPanel is its depth of use. Having a number of users, cPanel happens to be fairly easy to find solutions, tips and advice from other users. It provides fastest and easy solution for almost any problem you may encounter during its use. It is witnessed that many people go for cPanel simply because of the fact that it is quite easy in use. cPanel is laced with the shortest learning curves.  cPanel’s main strength is still its wider use.

The Benefits of Plesk

The mega advantaged of Plesk is that it appears much supportive for multiple operating systems. This becomes particularly alluring for the Windows based server users. Being a hosting company, Plesk gives you the opportunity to target different clients by being able to support various operating systems.  The other biggest benefit of Plesk is its price. Well, this is because the licensing appears to be cheaper for Plesk than of cPanel. Plesk is all time higher than cPanel since it manages automation and multiple servers much better than cPanel.

When you are on way to zero in a web hosting company, the control panel the company is using should be your concern before finalizing your decision. If a control panel is difficult to use, you would not like it at all and your investment is not worth then.

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