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Turning your blog into Business Website

Turning your blog into Business Website

Many guys who started the blog as their hobby but later they learned that blog could be a platform that could be used for earning too. There are many big names in the field of blogs like Arianna Huffington. Tim Ferriss, Brian clark and many more. You also must have heard about the success stories of housewives or women behind the mom blogs like Scary Mommy, Rookie Moms etc.

I myself started a Showbiz Blog a few years back but later I came to know that I can turn my blog into a professional website to earn money and my hobby could change into a business.

But the Main Question is “How a person can turn his/her blog into a business?”

While doing blogging you face many pitfalls and also face success, same happened to me and I face lots of ups and downs in my blogging carrier.
There are many things you need to know or need to do before using your blog as a business or before monetizing it.

Although the Content of the blog is basic and very main character of it, but there are many other things which you should do to…. given below are some of the steps which you should follow before monetizing your blog.

  1. Choose a Right Platform for the Blog

Although there are several but not all of them comes with the same features and benefits. If you are thinking to have a complete control on your website, layout, features and benefits then choosing platform for blog becomes more crucial.

There are many platforms available like Blogger or Tumblr to use freely, but in order to use them freely you also need to follow their terms and condition. Free platform always have the right to terminate your account any time they want.

Moreover, you are also bound to use their provided design layouts, functionality and integrations.

In my view if you want to have complete freedom and full control on your website or blog you should consider to register your own domain and have your own hosting account from a company like creativeON.

Setting up your blog with a Web Hosting Company might cost you monthly or yearly for space and your domain name but this makes you in control of space and website. You can use software of your own choice to start a blog.

  1. Increase Traffic Before Monetizing

Before applying for google AdSense or adverting for your website you should focus on increasing your blog traffic.
There are bundle of ways you can increase the traffic, few of them are given below.

Content ConsistencyThis doesn’t matter you write daily  or weekly but keeping the consistency with the same schedule does matter, the reason behind this is that you visitors or audience want to know when the new content from  your side would come, so they may know when to return on your website for new stuff.

Content QualityDifferent types of niches requires different types of expertise to write its content. For example niche regarding women clothing would require different types of contents whereas niche regarding sports would require different expertise. Quality of the content should be as per the standard of the niche. Writing a news article for a news site will surely differ from how someone write for a blog. So writing format should be as per the need of the niche.

Why We Should Write as per Niche

  1. When people visit your site or some portion of your website, they visit to get due to their interest. If you don’t supply them the required info they would immediately leave and won’t come back again. So the content must be according to the niche of the site.
  1. When you post content on your website, you don’t just put it for the visitors you also put it for google or other search engines. In order to satisfy the appetite of search engines, you need to optimize your content in such a way that search engines could rank you better.

Both the visitors and search engines could be satisfied by writing techniques.

Here are Some Points Which You Should Keep in Mind while Writing Blog or Website Content

  1. The content should be Topic or niche focused.
  2. We should pick the topic which should appeal visitors.
  3. Include appealing headlines or headings containing niche related keywords.
  4. content should be in small scan-able chunks.
  5. Use headings and sub headings
  6. Use of H1 and H2 heading tags is a good idea
  7. Use bullets to write points
  8. Also used numbered lists
  9. Include pictures in your content or post.
  10. Use Bold fonts or headings for important texts.
  1. Monetization of your Blog

Once you have finished the above steps your blog is ready to be monetized.

AdvertisementsOnce you have finished building your blog with good contents and have started getting the traffic on your blog this is the time that you can apply for account such as google AdSense. Although there are lot of advertising companies but google is one of the best. You can apply for the account and once it is proved you can start displaying ads on your blog. As the advertisers are eager to market their product to the people who really have the interest for their products. Normally the online traffic is interest based and only users go the sites which have stuff related to their interest, so companies find best audience for their products online due to this reason.

There are many other companies other than google AdSense which provide account to the website owners, examples of such companies are

  • PropellerAds.
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads.
  • Adversal.
  • Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)
  • Skimlinks.
  • Monumetric.
  • InfoLinks.

Wirewag is one of the example for a showbiz blog you can check the google advertisements on the site as example.

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing is one of the hot topic in these days. Many of the blogs or website related to different niches are earning handsome bucks from affiliate marketing. Amazon is offering one of the best affiliate program for the website owners or bloggers.
In Affiliate marketing you portray the products of other companies on your website in return of their sale you get the commission of every sale.

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